Colonic irrigation in Lambeth

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 28th November 2018
Colonic irrigation in Belfast and Southwark and Lambeth. A therapeutic drug for the intestinal immune system

Colonic irrigation in Lambeth is the perfect, safe and effective way to remove toxins, parasites, and harmful substances from the colon and the body.

Health is an essential aspect of our time. The first thing to help your body get healthy is to clean the intestines. Besides, colonic hydrotherapy can help with this. Its main advantage is that the bowels begin functioning in a normal and healthy rhythm—furthermore, the microflora restores in its turn. Besides, to restore was successful, therapists prescribe special remedies.


As part of a preventive effect, Colonic irrigation in Lambeth normalises digestion and improves skin condition. It also enhances the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and promotes a surge of strength. Moreover, patients with an imposing initial list of diseases experience the most positive results from the procedure.

What are the benefits and contraindications of colonic irrigation in Lambeth?

Effect of colon hydrotherapy:

  • Detoxification, which is the removal of toxic substances from the colon;
  • the normalisation of stools and the formation of faecal matter, a beneficial effect on intestinal motility;
  • Correction of the immune system, where the lymphatic system, performing the role of “sewage” in the body, has access to the intestinal mucosa. Problems naturally occur when faecal masses stick to the intestinal walls;
  • Restoration of microcirculation of the organs of the peritoneum when therapy copes with stagnation in the intestine, negatively affecting the blood supply to the internal organs;
  • weight loss.

However, when treating, it is worth considering all the contraindications.


So, Lambeth’s Colonic irrigation is unsuitable for people with severe heart disease suffering from aortic and wide blood vessel aneurysms. Besides, you can’t have colonic with intestinal bleeding, haemorrhoids, liver cirrhosis, and rectum or colon cancer.

It is not worth the risk if there are fissures or fistulas of the rectum. Serious contraindications are pregnancy, hernia, renal failure, and ulcerative colitis. This procedure is hazardous in Crohn’s disease, diverticulosis, and arterial hypertension cases.