Colonic irrigation in Lewisham

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 28th November 2018

Colonic irrigation in Lewisham or monitor cleaning of the bowels is one of the most popular and modern methods of cleansing the body from toxic substances today. This type of cleansing is especially useful in chronic diseases of the digestive tract with symptoms of partial or complete atony of the intestine, the presence of faecal stones, flatulence due to gas accumulation and disrupted stool. Colonic Hydrotherapy can be carried out as a preparation of the patient for a planned operation on the abdominal organs.
The prophylactic conduction of Colonic irrigation in Lewisham is recommended to release gases from the bowels, excreting heavy metals, radionuclides and phenol compounds from the body. The method reduces cholesterol levels, helps to get rid of excess body weight without diet and excessive physical exertion. After the monitor cleansing of the intestines, the condition of the skin improves, the swelling of the face decreases, the skin becomes clean and elastic.

What are the features of Colonic irrigation in Lewisham?

Monitor cleansing of the bowels is a complex of alternations of filling and emptying the colon. In contrast to the usual cleansing enema, the guts are cleared more intensively and for a considerable length, during this method. The patient does not experience painful sensations excepting cramps since the colonic lavage is carried out under constant and careful control of water pressure and temperature during the treatment.
Preliminary preparation is necessary for the patient before colonic hydrotherapy. Eating animal fats should be limited and gas-generating food excluded from the diet three days before treatment. In addition to diet, the use of activated charcoal and other drugs that reduce the formation of gases in the intestine is recommended. On the eve of the treatment, a light dinner is recommended no later than 19 hours.
Like any other medical manipulation, colonic hydrotherapy has some contraindications. Colonic irrigation in Lewisham is contraindicated in acute diseases with high fever and any feverish conditions, acute circulatory failure, acute myocardial infarction, mental illness. The colon hydrotherapy is not carried out during treatment with antibiotics, hormones and chemotherapy. Local contraindications include the presence of severe diarrhoea, ulcerative colitis, acute haemorrhoids, infiltrates in the abdominal cavity, rectal malignant neoplasms, absolute insufficiency of the anal sphincter, condition after rectal surgery, rectal prolapse.