Colonic irrigation in Southwark

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 28th November 2018
Colonic irrigation in Belfast and Southwark and Lambeth. A therapeutic drug for the intestinal immune system

Practitioners conduct colonic irrigation in Southwark using specialised equipment. The patient is placed on his back or side and asked to relax. The therapist can do a light reflexology massage of the abdomen to activate the muscles of the intestines.

A therapist gently inserts the hose through which water, saline or herbal infusion enters the colon into the patient’s rectum. The device has a unique structure so that the fluid from a person’s body goes directly into the sewer. At the same time, a person can see the contents of his intestines, but he will not feel any unpleasant odours.


The specialist who performs colonic hydrotherapy is always with the patient during the session. He can explain what comes from you and monitor your well-being and abdominal pressure. The average session lasts about 30 minutes.

Doctors recommend 3 to 10 procedures for the complete cleaning of the intestines. Practitioners use about 20 litres of water during each procedure.

How do practitioners carry out colonic irrigation in Southwark, and why should it be done?

The liquid does not enter the small intestine during the cleansing process, even with a specified volume of water. However, the Southwark colonic irrigation method can cause a natural cleansing of that section of the intestine. It occurs due to your therapist changing the temperature of the solution alternately from warm to less warm. Also, it affects the liver and kidneys.

It would be best to accept that you might feel slight discomfort after the end of the treatment. Some people feel sick; others feel weakness; many complain of pain, such as cramps in the abdominal area after colon hydrotherapy has ended. The state of health is usually restored quickly enough. You can normalise the condition by drinking warm tea or putting a hot water bottle on your stomach.


Indications for Colonic Irrigation in Southwark:

  • Helminthiasis and other parasitic diseases;
  • Haemorrhoids inflammation;
  • The general intoxication of the body, such as poisoning with food, alcohol and even drugs;
  • Flatulence, bloating and other such disorders;
  • Preparation for an operable intervention and examination

Proper preparation guarantees that the procedure will occur without excesses, and you will benefit from it. It is necessary to abandon eating fats of animal origin for three days before colonic hydrotherapy. We also believe stopping drinking fluids at least 2 hours before the treatment is essential.