Colonic irrigation in York

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 25th December 2018
Colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy: cost and quality in York or Peterborough

The large intestine is the end portion of the digestive tract. The length of the colon is about three feet. Besides, the diameter of the large intestine is five to seven centimetres. The digestion of food, as well as the synthesis of specific vitamins, involves microflora.

Currently, violating the natural self-cleaning process of the intestines is a problem for most people in civilised countries. That is to say, they lead a sedentary lifestyle, are under stress, consume a large amount of canned and refined foods, and are depleted in fibre.

Currently, colonic treatments are available at our Holborn location in the centre of London.

New therapy

Firstly, faecal matter, lingering in the intestines, releases toxins. Secondly, the colon absorbs it into the circulatory system, spreading it throughout the body and poisoning it. At the same time, absorption, the intestine’s primary function, is deteriorating. As a result, the body will not receive all the beneficial substances.

The practice of health care solved the problem of proper colon cleansing with colonic irrigation in York after introducing specialised equipment, unlike a conventional enema which washes only the last small portion of the colon. Cleansing the entire large intestine is possible using modern equipment only.

What are the benefits of colonic irrigation in York?

Colonic irrigation in York promotes the mechanical removal of dead epithelium cells, mucus, faecal stones, and toxins from intestinal walls. So, several session of colonic re-sculpting removes Faecal matter. Moreover, colon hydrotherapy stimulates intestinal peristalsis, improving metabolic processes and tissue saturation. The gentle action of water and a reflexology massage during the treatment lead to an intestinal tone improvement. Moreover, it may restore the natural size of the anterior abdominal wall.


Patients say that colonic irrigation in York eliminates:

  1. Excessive weight;
  2. Depression;
  3. Skin complaints;
  4. Disorders of the abdomen;
  5. Allergies;
  6. Anaemia;
  7. Dysbacteriosis;
  8. Sand and stones in the kidneys and liver;
  9. Slag;
  10. Insomnia and migraines.

However, pregnancy is one of the contraindications of colon hydrotherapy. The procedure may increase the tone of the uterus muscles, which may also lead to adverse effects.