Colonic irrigation is usual for the patients of W. John Diamond, MD.

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 29th December 2019
Colonic irrigation is usual for the patients with chronic constipation at Parkland Natural Health

For W. John Diamond, MD, medical director of the Triad Medical Center in Reno, Nevada and coauthor of that valid consumer text, An Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide to Cancer, colonic irrigation or high colonic irrigations are usual modalities for which he refers his patients. “Besides, for some patients with chronic constipation or extensive yeast problems, colonic irrigation works advantageously to eliminate the physical load of pathology in the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, this treatment stimulates the liver and removes the debris sticking to the mucosa. The last time I referred my patient to colonic irrigation was yesterday. There’s hardly a week that does not see me utilise this excellent treatment for one or more patients. Also, the colon hydrotherapist in Reno has skills and does a fine job.

“Let me describe a particular patient of mine, Mrs Constance Overmacher, who benefited from colonic irrigation,” says Dr Diamond. “This woman, at age forty-six, has a long history of antibiotic usage for chronic sinusitis. Moreover, she is a sugarholic because her food is total carbohydrates with hardly any protein or fat. According to Voll, she exhibits various symptoms, including extreme fatigue, migraine headaches, irregular menses, chronic constipation, abdominal pain, and yeast growing in the bowel upon testing by EAV [electroacupuncture, according to Voll]. Stool culture, blood tests for yeast antibodies, and skin testing confirmed the presence of the yeast.

The only program that gives relief is colonic irrigation.

“For such a complicated case, I tried every appropriate treatment, but nothing did any good. The only program that gave Mrs Overmacher relief was colonic irrigation. By prescription, she would have to receive it three times a week. It took me a month to stabilise my patient, but the treatment’s effect finally kicked in. The lady cleaned up her bowel; she’s now experiencing normal stools, and I have her following a restrictive protein diet. Her energy returned, and she showed normal menses for the last two months. Her migraines disappeared,” Dr John Diamond affirms. “It merely meant I needed to get the woman back to normal bowel function, off antibiotics, and onto probiotics. Now, she takes colonic irrigation on a regular once-a-month schedule. Mrs Overmacher will likely decide to stay on her therapeutic program continuously.”