Complete bowel cleansing

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 2nd October 2018
Complete bowel cleansing

Even in ancient times, healers of the most advanced civilisations understood the need to cleanse the human body. Therefore, a variety of techniques were in use. Complete bowel cleansing of the intestine will allow the body to get rid of the many harmful components that have accumulated in it for a long time.


Today, getting rid of toxins and harmful substances that are unnecessary to the body has become even more significant. Moreover, modern man daily encounters toxic substances in the environment, food, medicine and household chemicals. Besides, every year these substances become even more.

However, today the concentration of harmful substances reaches such a level that the body can not completely get rid of them. Therefore, people who care about themselves and their loved ones need help in the body detox. Only specialists should do complete bowel cleansing of the intestine since only they can perform the entire set of procedures correctly.


Complete bowel cleansing of the intestines to get rid of toxins

Let’s figure out where the toxins come from:

  • Food. The primary sources of body toxicity can be food. The food we consume daily usually contains a considerable amount of chemicals such as dyes, preservatives, fragrances and other substances. What makes our food so tasty damages our stomach, liver, heart and lungs.
  • Air. The lion’s share of pollution comes from the air we breathe. Undoubtedly, we usually notice that breathing in the countryside, in the mountains and by the sea is much more pleasant. That is all because there we can breathe in full at least a relatively clean air, in comparison with the urban smog. Perhaps it’s easier to say what harmful elements are not present in this smog than to list all that accumulates in our lungs, heart and brain with each breath.
  • Water. We should not forget about tap water, considering the topic of pollution of the body. The water consumed by millions of people contains compounds of chlorine, a chemical element that saves us from the various microbes that live there. However, at the same time, chlorine makes the tap water unsafe for the human body.
  • Parasites. Another reason for the appearance of toxins in the body and many health problems are parasites living inside and harming us. It’s terrible to say. But according to statistics, every second person on the planet is infected by ascarids. It goes without saying that because of this prevalence of parasites, the risk of being infected is very high.

Please make an inquiry about complete bowel cleansing of the intestine with the help of colonic hydrotherapy in our clinic. So, book a treatment to restore the body to its original health and vivacity.