Osteopath treats common conditions

Anatori Sealife Comment 1 23rd May 2019
With what consequences of coronavirus does an osteopath work? What to expect at your appointment with an osteopath Gilly Arbuckle

Conditions treated by osteopaths.

Osteopath treats many conditions that present with aches—pain or stiffness to joints or tendons at any site on the body. Musculoskeletal pain and injury are commonly referred for treatment, especially for neck or back pain patients. However, other conditions may benefit.
Besides, most people believe osteopathy only treats back and neck pain. It is, in fact, a holistic therapy that can treat a wide range of complaints about most parts of the body.

Common COMPLAINTS osteopath

Osteopathy with GILLY ARBUCKLE B.OST can treat a number of conditions

Common complaints include stress, tension headaches, back pain, neck pain, whiplash, disc injuries, repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome,  arthritic pain, postural problems and much more. 
Call Gilly for advice on whether your specific condition will benefit from osteopathy. 
Shoulders can be prone to injury. Besides, many structures in the shoulder can cause pain. Shoulder pain may result from direct trauma, sports injury, poor posture, repetitive actions or other conditions such as frozen shoulder or osteoarthritis.

Osteopath treats BACK OR NECK PAIN.

These are commonly treated conditions for which osteopaths may provide effective relief.

Very few of us have good posture. So, this may be exacerbated by sitting at a desk for long periods. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle is the most common cause of developing health problems. Those may include:

  • scoliosis and sciatica,
  • comfort eating and obesity,
  • inflammatory of various body tissue,
  • disruption of internal organs’ functions,
  • low motility of the intestinal muscles and the gall bladder,
  • malfunctioning of most eliminating organs like kidneys and liver,
  • fluid retention or lymph retention,
  • cardiovascular system problems and heart diseases.

However, there is a way to prevent all of those. So, contact us to book a comprehensive consultation and treatment at our facility in Holborn, London.

Repetitive action can also lead to symptoms of pain, pins and needles, numbness or weakness in the arms and hands.