Dealing with cellulite with the help of massage

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 13th November 2018

When it comes to cellulite, each of us imagines the skin of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen disfigured by tubercles and deep pores. But, unfortunately, cellulite is not only an aesthetic problem. The appearance of cellulite formations on your skin signals, first of all, about the failure of the entire body, which is reflected in the disturbance of the healthy circulation of fluid, as a result of which fat deposits appear under your skin.
The skin in the places affected by cellulite becomes flabby and such hateful to our eyes bumps become more and more noticeable with time. In a fit of despair, we begin to look for effective methods of dealing with the acquired problem without sparing either money or time. Dealing with cellulite with the help of massage is the most effective remedy.
In most cases, cellulite formations are noticeable on the legs. Most often, cellulite affects the inner and outer surface of the thigh. Fighting cellulite is not easy, but with some effort, you can achieve excellent results.
One of the most effective methods in the fight against cellulite on the legs is massage, which is why:

  • mechanical impact on the affected skin stimulates blood microcirculation;
  • the processes of cell renewal and nutrition are activated;
  • the process of elimination of metabolic products from cells and the extracellular space accelerates;
  • the circulation of lymph in the body significantly improves;
  • cellulite massage for legs accelerates the process of cell repair and healing;
  • the body removes excess fluid much faster, resulting in reduced swelling of the skin;
  • skin breathing improves, connective tissues become softer and more elastic;
  • the resistance of an body to various diseases is developed;
  • stunning cosmetic effect and your good mood.

Fighting Cellulite using massages and restrictions

But before you start fighting cellulite using massage, you should be aware of some limitations. Anti-cellulite massage is contraindicated for women suffering from varicose veins. If you have skin diseases or seasonal allergies, massage is not recommended without consulting your doctor.
Dealing with cellulite with the use of massages and its rules:

  • Anti-cellulite massage is performed with smooth and light hand movements.
  • Massage should be performed when the patient’s muscles are well warmed. Hands should be warm and dry. For a better slip of hands, you can use talc.
  • the duration of the massage should be no more than one hour at least once a week to get the desired effect.
  • Massage movements should always be performed from the bottom up.

The best time to perform a massage is considered to be morning, after your awakening, or evening, shortly before bedtime.