Diet for cleansing the intestines

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 15th September 2018
Food intolerance / Diet for cleansing the intestines of harmful substances

Like many others, “diet” came from the ancient Greek language, which denoted “lifestyle, diet.” To this day, under the diet, we understand specific types of food and a diet for cleansing the intestines of harmful substances. In other words, diet is not synonymous with starvation.

In turn, a diet cleansing the intestine is a way to eliminate harmful substances, abandoning processing and thereby purifying the gastrointestinal tract.

Basic rules of a diet for cleansing the intestines

There are many different types of menus, including cleansing foods. The diet for cleaning the bowel has the following principles:

Preparation of the body.

Edged changes in the diet can have a very negative impact on overall health. So it is worth gradually giving up some types of food. First, reducing the amount of sugar (and products containing it), salt, spices and spirits are sufficient. It is also necessary to give up smoking since nicotine negatively affects the intestine’s functioning.

The diet.

It is necessary to train yourself to eat at certain hours, calculating the approximate calories of meals and the ratio of proteins (25-35%) / fats (10-20%) / carbohydrates (40-50%). It is also essential to monitor the frequency of meals (5-6 times a day). To simplify the process, you can create a “food diary” and write down all the indications.

Drinking regime

Lack of water in the body threatens violations of electrolyte balance and metabolism. And, during a diet, the feeling of thirst usually decreases. It is necessary to be highly attentive to this indicator and drink about 2-3 litres daily.

Detox diet

The detox diet, in theory, should rid the body of the harmful substances that come with food, as we mentioned above. So, cleansing the intestine is ideal in the first place since it passes toxins through itself and simultaneously eliminates the products of metabolic processes from the liver.

Accordingly, extending your menu with food that stimulates the intestine’s activity and limits other types of food is advisable. It is the principle of how the diet cleanses the bowel.

Colonic irrigation, which specialists at our clinic in London can carry out, will help purify the intestines from harmful substances.