Doctors support colonic irrigation usage

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 30th December 2019
Doctors support colonic irrigation usage

Frank Shallenberger, MD, and other doctors support colonic usage. Frank Shallenberger, MD HMD, of Carson City, Nevada, declares:

I support the use of colonic irrigation and do occasionally refer my patients to undertake this treatment. It may be the best way to detoxify them.

Many doctors in the UK also support colonic irrigation usage these days.

Christopher J. Hussar, DO, DDS, took colonic irrigation

From his medical/surgical practice in Reno, Nevada, osteopathic physician and dental cavitation specialist Christopher J. Hussar, DO, DD., does offer the following personal statement,

I had enjoyed two colon hydrotherapeutic treatments when, at the time, I was experiencing partial bowel obstruction. Each colonic irrigation had me feeling better. I believe this treatment should be recommended for anyone with chronic constipation. Then, the local colon hydrotherapist can become the main factor in keeping that individual comfortable. I maintain that one should do whatever it takes to keep up with regular bowel movements.

Doctors support colonic because it is a safe and natural laxative that works better than any other type.

In Reno, I refer my patients who need bowel cleansing to a colon hydrotherapist. I don’t refer people regularly because most arrive to see me from out of town. Therefore, I tell them to use the services of a skilled colon hydrotherapist in their area so they can go for treatment often, says Doctor Christopher J. Hussar.