LPG Endermolift

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 28th June 2018
Liftmassage by Endermologie for ageing skin of face lpg Endermolift

LPG Endermolift or liftmassage. The amount of hyaluronic acid in the tissue is one of the most critical indicators determining the skin’s biological age. Besides, decreased hyaluronic acid production leads to tissue volume loss and dehydration.

Based on the research results of Professor Umber, the LPG Systems Research Center has also developed a new aesthetic technology that triggers the synthesis of the first matrix elements responsible for the beauty and youth of the skin:

  • hyaluronic acid – to make up for volume and hydration;
  • collagen – to restore and strengthen the turgor;
  • elastin – to improve the elasticity of the skin.

The secret of Endermolift’s effectiveness is in the vacuum-pinching impact on all layers of the skin, including thick layers.

Face-lifting massage

Skilled practitioners perform Endermolift or LPG face-lifting massage using the same equipment as a body lipomassage. The device has a unique manipulator equipped with a vacuum nozzle, which pinches the skin and subcutaneous fat tissue four to sixteen times per second. Thus, stimulation of all layers of the skin, including thick layers, co-occurs.

LPG Endermolift is a professional procedure

The procedure that activates the following processes:

The mechanical impact triggers lipolysis in adipose tissue, reducing fat in the chin, neck and décolleté.

LPG Endermolift improves the function of facial muscles. So, the face becomes fitter.

Cellular metabolism speeds up, and the outflow of excess fluid occurs. As a result, the face looks younger and raised.


Certified therapists perform one LPG face-lifting, lasting ten to fifteen minutes on the main massage lines. However, minor redness is sometimes noticeable after the procedure. Further, it passes in a few days.

The result is a precise contour and expressive relief of the face, removal of edemas and circles under the eyes, elimination of the double chin, and increased firmness and density of the skin.

The cosmetologist may advise you on the exact number of sessions and frequency. Besides, LPG Endermologie created a series of new specialised cosmetic products to optimise the procedures of Endermolift. Target cosmetic products help speed up the results and maintain them for a long time.