Eating healthy

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th August 2018
Do not lose weight on Keto diet. Reflection of proper nutrition and Eating healthy on life expectancy of human body

How does proper nutrition correlate with life expectancy? “You are what you eat” – what is the meaning of this famous phrase of Hippocrates? The direct influence of nutrition quality on health was a topic for reflection by many people. Unfortunately, some people are utterly indifferent to their way of life. Even the ardent fans of fast food in the depths of the soul realise the need to change their diet. And Healthy Eating is vital for the body.

The human body receives almost all the necessary substances through food and water. Food composition and its properties directly affect health, physical development, work capacity, emotional state and, in general, quality and life expectancy. It is difficult to find another factor that would have such a severe impact on the human body.


All the vital functions of the body are related to nutrition. Nutrition is the source of substances to create tissues and cells, for their constant renewal, to saturate the body with energy. Improper diet, both excessive and inadequate, can cause significant harm to human health at any age.

It manifests in a decrease in physical and mental development, rapid fatigue, inability to resist the impacts of adverse environmental factors, reduced efficiency and even premature ageing and shortened life expectancy. Besides, women who try to maintain health know that the skin condition directly depends on the state of the digestive system, particularly the intestines, and hence the healthy diet.

What are the methods of healthy eating?

But what is the correct way of eating healthy? There are many theories on this, and new ones appear almost every day. Someone advocates a complete rejection of meat. Others proclaim raw food as a panacea for all diseases and ills. Some people develop combinations of products that supposedly allow the body to achieve complete food harmony.

Any restrictions on nutrition can hardly be considered valuable and acceptable to all. The human body is a very complex system, and it requires both meat and vegetable food for normal functioning. The lack of valuable substances in the flesh, for example, the iron of high bioavailability, can cause serious health problems.


Proper nutrition is not as much about controlling calories and hard diets as providing the body with a full-fledged menu. So, it would include all the necessary products: meat, cereals, vegetables, fruits. Also, selecting a diet is one of the main tasks in proper nutrition. Moreover, it is as much crucial as daily adherence to it.

In short, you may adhere to the basic rules of healthy eating, not on a case-by-case basis, but regularly. Then, you would not have to take care of excess weight, malfunctioning immune system, problems with hair, skin and health in general.