How can a teenager get rid of fat and lose weight?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 24th November 2018

Fat deposits on the stomach are not only the problem of the older generation. Teenagers can also suffer from these, despite the metabolism accelerated at their age, which, it would seem, should save them from the appearance of an enlarged tummy. Let’s talk about how a teenager can lose weight in the stomach and pump up the abdominal muscles.

The main recommendations on how can a teenager get rid of fat and lose weight, which should be followed, we will tell further.

Losing weight, you should definitely follow some rules; otherwise, the process can be very long, or it will not be possible to achieve any results at all.


1. Food:

minimise the consumption of sweet and soda;

add as much fruit and vegetables to the daily diet as possible, which are known to contain fibre. Help to normalise the condition of the entire digestive system;

ban fast food, fatty and fried foods!

Drink more fluids. 8-10 glasses of water would be nice. Only, as mentioned above, drink plain pure water, or green tea, and not soda.

2. Getting used to the sport is necessary.

The list does not end with running, walking, swimming. Choose what you want. It is only worth remembering that simple exercises for the abdominal muscles will not help in the fight against belly fat, because they just train the muscles, but fat is not burned.

How can sports help a teenager get rid of fat and lose weight?

I would like to warn you that you need to exercise regularly. Otherwise, you will not see the effect for a very long time. We do this set of exercises on a full stomach but do not overeat. After training, you can eat something no sooner than in 2 to 3 hours. Only then it will be possible to figure out how sports can help a teenager get rid of fat and lose weight.

Before training, it is necessary to warm up muscles with exercises such as jump rope, bends, jumps, jogging. This is necessary to increase efficiency and prevent damage to unprepared tissues by pulling. Now we describe a set of exercises that will help adolescents build up abdominal muscles.

Sitting on the edge of the sofa, we rest our hands on it. We straighten the legs in front of us, so that they do not touch the floor, and begin to bend them towards ourselves and straighten them back.

Lying on the floor, we rest our head on the sofa and hold our hands on its edge. Raise the legs by 90 degrees relative to the floor surface and return to the starting position.

Staying in the previous position, we carry out the exercise “bicycle”, we spin imaginary pedals.

Basic rules

Remaining in the previous position, lying on the floor. Legs bent at the knees. Performing rocking movements, we try to reach out to the chest with our knees, then return the legs to the floor.

Lying on the floor, we put our feet on the sofa. We put our hands together in front of us and try to reach the knees with them, and then we go back to the starting position.

Remaining in the previous position. Hands hold the head. In turn, we make twisting movements, with our left hand reaching down to the toes of the right foot and vice versa.

Do not change the position of the body. Hands together in front of you and now you need to get them in turns for the right and left legs.

It is necessary to do this whole set of exercises 10 times to start, gradually increasing the number to 20. You need to give yourself a rest for about 30-60 seconds between exercises, but not longer, so that your muscles do not have time to relax.

These are the basic rules for teenagers to get rid of fat and lose weight. Colonic Hydrotherapy will help to get rid of toxins that have accumulated during a long time.