How can I lose weight without medicine?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 12th September 2018
How can I lose weight without medicine

There is a category of women who are horrified by the fact that they will have to resort to diets to lose weight quickly. And they do not bring a sustainable and lasting effect. Usually lost pounds are gained back with a surplus. It’s better to understand right away why you need to look for a way to lose weight without medicine and harsh restrictions.

Besides, any restrictions on nutrition negatively reflect on the function of internal organs, hormonal system, metabolism. Therefore, solving the problem of how to lose weight quickly, we reject the idea of rigid food restrictions.

The second extreme, which is lazy ladies’ favourite, are “miraculous” pills that supposedly allow losing weight effortlessly. Making such a choice, remember: the least effect that you will get from medications of this type is a purification of the intestine and reduction of oedema since they have a diuretic and diarrhoea effect. At worst, you will develop severe disorders of the nervous system and the digestive tract.

So how can you lose weight without medication and strict diets? The simple answer is proper nutrition

Many are sceptical about this, but they have never followed the principles of proper nutrition. Therefore, at least for the sake of experiment, test the necessary recommendations. You will see how you can lose weight without medicine, the body and without poisoning it. Most will be surprised at how quickly the body shape and its appearance change.


How can you lose weight without medicine following dietary rules?

Remember that losing weight by 90% depends on nutrition and only 10% of physical activity. Therefore, do not put off the dream of a slender body and introduce ten rules of the healthy diet into life:

  • Forget about sugar and sweets, pastries and desserts, because these foods lead to excess weight and negatively affect the skin condition.
  • Do not drink carbonated drinks, even if it is ordinary mineral water.
  • We drink ordinary water at room temperature, not less than 1.8 litres per day.
  • We change the diet: introduce more vegetables, avoiding those that are rich in starch, eat lean meat, low-fat fish.
  • Calculate calories eaten and expended. If you are thinking of how to lose weight quickly, then develop or use the already created dieticians’ menu, which does not exceed 1200 kcal.
  • Adjust the meals. This aspect requires an individual approach: someone needs to eat five times a day, and, for someone, three times is enough.
  • Adjust your daily eating regime: eat more carbohydrates (porridge) in the morning, and protein food is for lunch. Forget about food 3 hours before bedtime.
  • We change the way of cooking. Forget about fried foods. Go to the dishes cooked on the grill, steamed or baked.
  • We introduce more fermented products into the diet such as yoghurt, low-fat cottage cheese, whey.
  • We eat a salad of cabbage, fresh beets and carrots daily for dinner. With those, the chicken, lean meat or cottage cheese perfectly combines. It will help to improve digestion.

Now you know how you can lose weight without medicine and strict diets. And colonic irrigation will help to cleanse the body of accumulated harmful substances.