Incredible calorie burning

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 2nd September 2018
Incredible calorie burning

In losing weight, it is essential to move physically and exercise actively. However, calorie-burning affects how many calories your body can consume. However, many people seek to lose weight and set themselves on the unrealistic task of burning more calories than they eat.

The problem is that our energy costs have significantly decreased compared to the energy costs of our ancestors to date. Previously, the average man needed to consume 5000 calories, and a woman – 4000, but today these figures have halved. It turns out that we need half the food.

Active lifestyle

If we reduce the amount of food, we will receive half the amount of nutrients (considering this is against the background that there are many fewer of these substances in products), which will cause another problem like cell hunger.

Hungry cells are weak cells. In this case, health can significantly deteriorate. Cellular hunger most often pushes us to look for food that contains excessive calories. That is a vicious circle.

Losing muscle mass accelerates the ageing of the body. Secondly, we begin to develop chronic diseases. We also start feeling weak, and the vital energy goes away. According to the research, premature mortality among those who lead an active lifestyle is 1.2-2.0 times lower than among those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Exciting ways to incredible calorie-burning

There are many ways to burn calories, while you do not need to limit food intake and do not have to exercise. Laughter, breathing and even sleep burn calories.

Ways to burn calories

Here are a few easy, fun and unusual ways to achieve excellent calorie burning:

  • Singing in the shower burns an additional 10-20 kcal.
  • Laughter for 10 minutes helps you get rid of 20-40 kcal.
  • We burn about 200 kcal during 30 minutes of active sex.
  • On average, teeth cleaning for 2 minutes burns 5.7 kcal.
  • Pushing the trolley in the store for 30 minutes burns 100 kcal.
  • One hour of watching TV burns 65 kcal.
  • If you hug for 1 hour, you can burn 70 calories.
  • One minute of a kiss burns 2-4 kcal.
  • Walking the dog for 30 minutes, we burn an average of 100 calories.
  • We burn more calories being in the cold and not warm.
  • Chewing gum helps burn about 11 kcal per hour.
  • You can burn up to 350 kcal daily if you fidget in a chair.
  • Writing and sending SMS messages burns 40 kcal per hour.
  • The food intake burns 132 kcal per hour in a person weighing 65 kg.
  • Running a kite can burn 80 kcal.
  • Sleeping naked burns more calories than sleeping in clothes since more calories are needed to warm the body.
  • We recommended 8 hours of sleep to burn 360 kcal.

Excellent calorie burning will eliminate extra pounds, and colonic irrigation will clear the colon from toxins accumulated in it for a long time.