Lose weight and reduce fat in the abdominal area

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th November 2018
Lose weight and reduce fat in the abdominal area

Folds on the abdomen look bad and can lead to such diseases as diabetes and heart problems. So, you’d better get rid of them as soon as possible. Proper weight loss allows you to reduce fat in the abdominal area for a limited period.

Measure the waist circumference with a measuring tape to determine if you have problems with excess fat in the abdominal area. If you are a man, the measurement result should not exceed 102 cm, and 88 cm is for women. Those with a higher number need to use one of the methods.

Refined sugar hurts metabolism. Sucrose disintegrates into glucose and fructose in the body. When you eat a lot of sugar, fructose enters the liver in excess quantities, and the body processes it into fat. Moreover, according to research, it accumulates in the waist.

Diet is the first step.

Worse than sugar, in this respect, is only liquid sugar. The brain does not recognise sweet drinks as food like a cake or candy. So, a person risks having too much of them. However, their intake increases the overall caloric consumption significantly. Sweetened beverages increase the risk of obesity in children by 60%.

Therefore, changing your diet is the first step to a flat stomach. Avoid soft drinks, canned juices, and sweet sports drinks. However, leave the fruit on the menu, as its benefits cover the negative side of fructose. And, of course, read the labels, as sugar can be in products you do not expect. In this case, losing weight will help remove fat in the abdomen in the shortest possible time.

Slimming with the right diet to reduce fat in the abdominal area

Protein is the most critical macronutrient for weight loss. It reduces food cravings and accelerates metabolism by 80 to 100 kilocalories daily. It also helps to eat less by 441 kilocalories. Protein will help you lose weight and prevent weight gain again after returning to your traditional diet.

Many researchers reported that people who consume more protein have much less abdominal fat. Experiments also confirm that the belly does not increase over the next five years in most cases.

To achieve the desired effect, eat 25 – 30% more protein. Eggs, fish, seafood, beans, nuts, meat, and dairy products can help. As a bonus, cook in coconut oil, which helps fight belly fat. The recommended dose is two tablespoons per day.


Low-carb diets have proven to be more useful than low-fat menus. This was confirmed in experiments where low-carb diet group members were allowed to consume as much as they wanted, while members of the group on a low-fat diet had limited calorie intake.

An unwanted effect of a low-carb diet is the rapid water elimination. Therefore, the changes will be visible on the scales in two days. Also, various researches proved the effectiveness of reducing carbohydrates in the diet, specifically for getting rid of visceral fat.

Abandoning refined carbohydrates is enough to reduce weight. Reduce your daily carbohydrate intake to 50 grams to lose weight quickly. That will lead to ketosis, when the body uses fat precisely as energy.

We told you the main stages of losing weight. Reducing fat in the abdominal area is possible, but you have to want it first. Colonic irrigation will help rid the body of toxins.