Meal Suggestions – Wheat Free

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 11th April 2019

non-wheat/rye toast, non-dairy spread, fruit spread, soya yoghurt

home made muesli with oats, nuts, seeds soaked overnight in water with non-citrus fruit juice

soya yoghurt with nuts and seeds, fresh fruit

boiled eggs with pumpernickel or rye or Ryvita:

Organic non-wheat cereals with rice/oat/soya milk

portion non-citrus fruit, wheat-free organic cereal, soya yoghurt

muesli, banana, rice/oat/soya milk

boiled egg, wholemeal toast, portion non-citrus Vitamin C or fibre rich fruit


avocado with Ryvita and tomato

tahini and tomato with pumpernickel bread

hummus on sourdough rye bread

tuna fish with tomato, cucumber, sweetcorn and olive oil

fresh soup with Ryvita or rice cakes

vegetable crudités with dips

non-wheat or rye bread sandwich with chicken or tuna with tomato, fruit

low salt baked beans on non-wheat toast, portion of non-citrus fruit, apple

chicken with tomato, green pepper and lettuce salad, soya yoghurt and fruit

egg on non-wheat or rye toast, soya yoghurt and fruit


salmon with new potatoes, broccoli and carrots

grilled chicken with sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and salad

jacket potato with hummus and salad

lentil loaf with sweetcorn and broccoli

grilled mackerel with potatoes and salad

turkey breast with peas, carrots and baby corn

vegetable chilli with jacket potato or brown rice

white fish, potatoes, peas, tomato salad

brown rice and grilled Mediterranean vegetables with grated soya cheese

baked potato, baked beans or vegetable chilli and mixed salad


Ryvita, oat cakes, rice crackers, corn crackers, pumpernickel bread, sourdough bread, soda bread, vegetable crudités with hummus, tahini, taramasalata, guacamole, salsa.  Nuts, seeds, soya yoghurt.  Fruit.  Small piece plain organic chocolate.


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