Meal suggestions – wheat-free

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 11th April 2019
Meal suggestions - wheat-free. Advantages of Colonic hydrotherapy in our clinic

Firstly, breakfast meal suggestions:

  • non-wheat/rye toast, non-dairy spread, fruit spread, soya yoghurt;
  • homemade muesli with oats, nuts and seeds soaked overnight in water with non-citrus fruit juice;
  • fresh fruit, soya-yoghurt with nuts as well as seeds;
  • boiled eggs with pumpernickel or rye or Ryvita;
  • Organic non-wheat cereals with rice/oat/soya milk;
  • portion non-citrus fruit, wheat-free organic grain, soya-yoghurt;
  • muesli, banana, rice/oat/soya milk;
  • boiled egg, wholemeal toast, portion non-citrus Vitamin C or fibre-rich fruit.

Meal suggestions different 

Secondly, lunch meal suggestions:

  • avocado with Ryvita and tomato
  • tahini and tomato with pumpernickel bread
  • hummus on sourdough rye bread
  • tuna fish with tomato, cucumber, and sweetcorn, as well as olive oil
  • fresh soup with Ryvita or rice cakes
  • vegetable crudités with dips
  • non-wheat or rye bread sandwich with chicken, either tuna with tomato, fruit
  • low salt baked beans on non-wheat toast, a portion of non-citrus fruit, apple
  • chicken with tomato, green pepper, as well as lettuce salad, soya yoghurt and fruit
  • egg on non-wheat or rye toast, soya yoghurt and fruit

Thirdly, dinner meal suggestions:

  • salmon with new potatoes, broccoli and carrots
  • also, grilled chicken with sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and salad
  • jacket potato with hummus and salad
  • lentil loaf with sweetcorn and broccoli
  • grilled mackerel with potatoes as well as salad
  • turkey breast with peas, carrots and baby corn
  • vegetable chilli with a jacket potato or brown rice
  • white fish, potatoes, peas, tomato salad
  • brown rice and grilled Mediterranean vegetables with grated soya-cheese
  • baked potato, baked beans or vegetable chilli as well as mixed salad

Snacks meal suggestions:

  • Ryvita, oatcakes, rice crackers, corn crackers, pumpernickel bread, sourdough bread, soda bread, vegetable crudités with hummus, tahini, taramasalata, guacamole and salsa.
  • Also, nuts, seeds, and soya yoghurt.
  • Fruit.
  • Small piece of plain organic chocolate.