Anatoli Silajev Comments 0 18th May 2018
Correction of the intestinal microflora. meteorism or excessive flatulence

A large proportion of people are living an unhealthy lifestyle and experience excessive flatulence.

This phenomenon is known as meteorism. The accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract occurs due to impaired excretion. It is usually a result of digestive disorders like dysbiosis, swallowed air, and accumulated gas within the colon. Besides, removing gases from the blood is the primary cause of the build-up of excessive flatulence in the intestine.


The gastrointestinal tract contains approximately two hundred ml of gas at a time. Besides, healthy people release about six hundred ml of gas daily, giving it an unpleasant smell. The intestinal microflora decomposes undigested portions of food in the gut. This process forms excessive odorous flatulence.

As the gases accumulate in the body, mucosa produces a mucous foam. And it covers the wall of the intestine with a thin layer. This process complicates parietal digestion. Thereby, it reduces the effect of essential digestive enzymes and disrupts the assimilation of nutrients.

The causes of meteorism.

Healthy individuals who occasionally overeat, have frequent meals or eat certain types of food can increase the rate of meteorism.

Besides, excessive flatulence can stimulate the appearance of extraintestinal symptoms like heartburn, bad moods and minor fatigue.

Several medical and genetic problems, such as celiac disease or intestinal inflammation, can also cause the accumulation of excess gas in the gut. In these cases, numerous anatomical abnormalities of the colon’s wall significantly slow food digestion and gas absorption.


Meteorism in the intestine can also stimulate the nervous system to release stress hormones and cause mild mood swings. Which is a process that some experts know as ‘bowel depression.’ Both mental depression and ‘bowel depression’ show the same levels of hormonal imbalance in the body when they happen.

Colonic irrigation may ease excessive flatulence and prepare a better environment for good bacteria. Moreover, regular colonics can improve your immune system and prevent dysbiosis.