Platelet-rich-plasma injections

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 20th August 2018

Plasmolifting or Platelet-rich-plasma injectionsPlasmolifting or Platelet-rich-plasma injections is a procedure that helps you to become slimmer and younger with your own blood. I experienced a process with plasma injections, and I’m ready to tell you what PRPI is and whether the method really helps.
A syringe with a plasma extracted from my own blood – it does not sound like it’s appetising, does it? But do not hurry to blame me for show off. People began to be interested in the properties of human blood long ago. It is believed that the first procedures with its participation were held in the time of the pharaohs. Well, in fact, you can recall all these ancient horrors, when people, hungry for beauty and youth, wiped themselves off with the blood of virgins or took it inside as a life-giving drink. However, we are now talking about science.
The essence of the Platelet-rich-plasma injection method is not to make the patient suffer, as we all might think. If in a nutshell, then the life-giving effect on a person has contained in the blood platelets, which, getting back inside the body, secrete peptides – growth factors. Such a cunning move makes the body immediately mobilise and begin the process of recovery. That is why in our time, most often, not venous blood is used, but plasma extracted from it by centrifugation, in which the concentration of platelets is very high (5-6 times greater than in the same volume of the initial material).

Platelet-rich-plasma injections: opportunities

This fluid is injected into problematic areas (i.e., the focus is on focal effects). And – voila! – Here to you and rejuvenation, and smoothing of cicatrixes, and as a whole improvement of work of the immune system. If you think about it, a fairy tale, not a technique. And it is now called PRP-therapy (from – “platelet-rich plasma”), auto-plasma-therapy or autologous cellular rejuvenation (ACR).
Platelet-rich-plasma injections are capable of much:

  • Hair loss;
  • if dental implants do not take root;
  • if the scars from acne are left;
  • if you want to increase the elasticity of the skin and correct the double chin.

The only difference is what area of the body is treated with the plasma injections. The method is also used in medicine – in the treatment of burns and gynaecological diseases.
Even though the PRP itself gives a good result and is usually carried out by a separate course (the number of sessions is determined by the cosmetologist, and as a rule, it is about one to four), you can combine this technique with others. Sometimes medical cosmetologist suggests injecting after chemical peelings and fractional thermolysis – to stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the skin and strengthen the endothelium of the vessels.