Professional colonic

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 27th June 2018
Professional colonic

A professional colonic is a procedure for the effective deep cleansing of the large intestine. Besides, it may purify even the most remote parts of the colon.

Colonic irrigation course may also restore the motility of the colon. Consequently, it leads to the elimination of such a state as bowel hypodynamia and constipation.


The effect of a professional colonic:

  • weight may reduce by five kilograms;
  • it improves digestion and absorption of mineral salts as well as vitamins;
  • flatulence decreases;
  • it may also stimulate toxins removal from skin, liver, kidneys, blood and other systems;
  • sleep improves;
  • ability to work and resistance increases;
  • the concentration of attention increases;
  • memory and vision improve.

As a result, most people feel a sharp improvement in their health even after the first colonic irrigation.

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In short, purification of the intestine with colonic hydrotherapy is a necessary procedure. It also speeds up the processes of rejuvenation and self-regulation of the body. Moreover, it stimulates the release of toxic gases, fermentation products and putrefaction of food, salts of heavy metals, lumps of the torn old mucous membrane of the intestine, faecal stones.

One colonic hydrotherapy session effectively replaces thirty regular enemas and, accordingly, normalises the processes of digestion and natural elimination of food waste. Moreover, colonic helps to purify the body of toxins, activating the restorative forces of the body.



Advantages of a professional colonic:

  • comfortable environment;
  • complete cleansing;
  • obvious effect;
  • qualified and friendly staff;
  • convenient office;
  • disposable underwear;
  • sterile disposable sets for the procedure.

The procedure of colonic hydrotherapy is carried out by professional specialists who have undergone appropriate training.

The use of up to date equipment guarantees the effectiveness as well as high quality of the method. We use only disposable materials and accessories during the process. These measures improve the absolute safety of the procedure significantly.