Anatori Sealife Comments 0 11th April 2019
Blood sample tube with laboratory requisition form for total calcium test
Makes it possible to evaluate disorder of calcium metabolism. Increase of concentration can be established at malignant tumors (osteolisis resulting from release of peptides with action similar to action of thyritropic hormone), primary hyperfunction of parathyroid glands, overdosage of D vitamin, myeloma, chronic enteritis (IVth stage). Decrease of concentration is noted at hypoactivity of parathyroid glands (after surgical interventions, aplasia of parathyroid glands, autoimmunization), secondary hyperfunction of parathyroid glands (insufficiency of D vitamin or resistance to it, chronic renal failure), sequestration of calcium ions (acute alkalosis, rise of phosphates, abundant transfusion of citrated blood), osteomalacia of hypoalbuminemia, medicinal hypocalciemia (while receiving calcitoninum, ethylen-diamin-tetraacetic acid, citras, neomycin, fenobarbitalum).


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