Sodium bicarbonate against candidiasis

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 24th June 2018
Sodium bicarbonate against candidiasis

In cases of candidiasis, sodium bicarbonate is an auxiliary method. It shows its effectiveness in combination with drug therapy. For instance, sodium bicarbonate procedures help quickly reduce unpleasant symptoms and accelerate healing. Sodium bicarbonate against candidiasis is a great way to fight the disease.

In the case of candidiasis, sodium bicarbonate is helpful because of its alkaline properties. This substance neutralises the acidic medium in the reaction. Fungi release acids during reproduction. Due to the effect of baking soda, the products of vital activity leave the body quickly, which leads to an improvement in the patient’s well-being and a decrease in the manifestations of candidiasis.

With the development of thrush, a fungal infection almost always penetrates the deeper layers of the skin.

Sodium bicarbonate against candidiasis

The solution can be absorbed into the tissues and create alkaline media, which helps stop the propagation of candida and its death. Sodium bicarbonate acts as a local antiseptic. It is also a fungicidal agent in the presence of fungal infection.

Features of therapy with the use of sodium bicarbonate against candidiasis

The use of sodium bicarbonate against candidiasis has the following advantages:

One of them is creating the environment necessary for the destruction of fungi. Due to the alkaline solution, the mucous membranes infected with the fungus become drier, which is an obstacle to the propagation of the pathogen.

Security. A solution of sodium bicarbonate does not cause significant changes in the body.

Еhis solution does not affect the microflora. Sodium bicarbonate does not lead to a severe disruption of the balance of beneficial bacteria. Furthermore, you can apply it through courses without the development of dysbacteriosis.


There is an increase in the effect of other therapeutic approaches when mixing a sodium bicarbonate solution with other valuable components that have pronounced anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

It is necessary to consult with your attending physician before starting therapy, despite the safety of sodium bicarbonate. Using sodium bicarbonate solution for vaginal douching is a contraindication in pregnancy. This procedure is not carried out in the first and third trimesters since it can lead to amniotic water and fetus infection and provoke premature birth.

If there is erosion in the cervical tissues, vaginal douching and rinsing are contraindications.

The sampling of biomaterials to detect fungal infections is useless after such procedures. In short, soda can lead to a false-negative result in the laboratory.