Additives for colon hydrotherapy treatments

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 19th June 2018
Additives for colon hydrotherapy treatments

Colon hydrotherapy treatments is a treatment for cleansing the colon from all the accumulated waste. Up to 40 litres of water is passing through the colon throughout the procedure. Thereby cleaning it from excess mucus, normalizes water balance and improves the general health of the patient.


Reliable results are very likely to appear after 4-6 procedures. The first two cleansing sessions is special solution. Which increases the acidity within the intestine to create the necessary environment to promote the growth of normal microflora. Subsequent treatments use sorbents that removes harmful toxins and allergens.

The final sessions are help of an ozonized solution or infusion of medicinal herbs. And algae that remove even the slightest inflammatory processes in the intestine. Any presence of dysbacteriosis before or after the whole colon hydrotherapy treatments course will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Types and effects of solutions used in colon hydrotherapy treatments.

Currently, the following solutions used in modern colon hydrotherapy are.
The mineral salt solutions from Karlovy Vary stimulate the work of the intestines & the secretion of bile and also has beneficial effects on the intestinal microflora.

The combination of the salt solution with enterosorbent has incredible absorbency. It absorbs all toxins, dead cellulose and removes them from the body. The solution also helps to significantly improve the efficiency of colon hydrotherapy.

Herbal infusions have an effect of calming the muscles of the intestinal wall and has a beneficial effect on the formation of the intestinal microflora.
Oxygen saturated solutions are especially important for those who live in urbanised areas, as those places have extremely polluted air.


Oxygen through the walls of the large intestine, into the blood and spreads throughout the all the whole body and all organs. This contributes to the overall well-being of the patient.

Ozonized solutions have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects that boost the immune system and normalize the work of the intestines. It has a generally positive effect on the entire human body.  Solutions used in colon hydrotherapy treatments can restore the intestine more efficiently.