Advantages of colonic hydrotherapy in our clinic

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 26th September 2018
Meal suggestions - wheat-free. Advantages of Colonic hydrotherapy in our clinic

Unhealthy eating habits promote the accumulation of persistent faecal sediments on the walls of the intestine. So, that, in turn, secretes toxins into the body. Therefore, experienced specialists recommend colonic hydrotherapy courses to minimise toxins’ destructive effects.

Besides, profound colonic cleansing costs are small and affordable to almost everyone. Moreover, patients can feel the tremendous effect of the procedures after the first session. The advantages of colonic hydrotherapy in our clinic are a professional approach and an attentive attitude.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe colonic cleansing with aqueous solutions or filtered warm water. Moreover, this method can restore electrolytic balance and intestinal microflora. It can also remove faecal remains from the body.

After the procedure of colonic hydrotherapy, the skin condition improves, the risk of haemorrhoids decreases, and the general health of the digestive tract normalises.


Advantages of colonic hydrotherapy:

  • Maximum approximation of the process of purification of the body to natural methods of toxins elimination;
  • The procedure is entirely safe;
  • Colonic hydrotherapy allows you to adjust the functioning of the colon and other internal organs, as well as to strengthen health in general;
  • After the procedure, the depression goes away, and you will feel cheerful;
  • One of the best benefits of the technique is getting rid of excess weight.

Our clinic, specially designed for colonic irrigation accessories, allows you to effectively clean the colon by carefully rinsing with specially purified water.

Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy and Results

Excludes unhygienic situations and protects against the possibility of various infections.

The procedure takes a little time. You can add various tinctures of medicinal herbs or Karlovy Vtoy salt to the water used for colonic irrigation. The therapist can also offer ozonation of the bowel or colonisation with beneficial bacteria. Besides, this procedure includes an abdominal reflexological massage.


Results you may notice after colonic hydrotherapy:

  • Improved complexion
  • Weight loss
  • The normalisation of the internal organ’s functioning
  • Boosted immune system
  • Improvement of psychoemotional state

The advantages of colonic hydrotherapy are undeniable, but you can find them by contacting our clinic in London.