Causes of overweight in men

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 31st October 2018
Causes of overweight in men. How to lose weight in a week without medication?

Few people know that the causes of overweight in men significantly differ from the mechanism of fat mass formation in women. Any man, by nature, is endowed with a relatively developed muscular system. Muscles need more energy for their vital support than fatty tissue.

In connection with this feature, the male body burns more calories during the day, even without significant physical exertion.

To lose weight

According to studies, only 5-10 per cent of men with excess fat layer have a genetic predisposition to gain extra pounds or have a severe illness, entailing these consequences.

The most common causes of overweight in men are various external factors caused by today’s living conditions. Of course, to lose weight, a man should identify these external factors and start to deal with them.

Internal and external causes of overweight in men

Nowadays, we believe that the excess fat layer refers to cosmetic defects. However, this deviation leads to poor health and causes psychological problems.

Overweight in men who have not reached the age of thirty is a rare phenomenon because of impaired health. Usually, people start to gain weight after passing the thirty-five-year mark, during the initial stage of the organism’s ageing.

Initially, unwanted kilograms form in the abdomen/sides. After that, adipose tissue may well spread to the upper zone of the body, the hips and hands.

Internal causes

It would be best to determine the primary cause of weight gain to eliminate unwanted fat formations. At the same time, we note several internal causes of this phenomenon.

Internal causes of overweight in men:

  • Diabetes mellitus, which is associated with metabolic disorders, due to which overweight appears;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • endocrine disabilities;
  • hormonal disbalance;

Many men have gained excess weight in connection with some diseases. Therefore, they should carry out weight loss procedures only under the supervision of a specialist with medical education.

For example, if a disease of the endocrine system causes overweight in a man, then during exercise. In addition to losing weight, a patient’s health may deteriorate during certain activities.