Cleansing enema

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 6th July 2018
Cleansing enema. digestive tract and Bowel cleaning. Practical and easy ways to lose weight

Enema slimming treatments are effective in cleansing using rubber enema for weight loss and healing the body and have been used for centuries before. Besides, traditional and alternative medicine practices approve using enemas to restore and maintain the body’s health.


A simple enema with bicarbonate of soda has many beneficial effects, such as:

  • relief constipation and flatulence;
  • cleansing of the intestines;
  • reduction of toxic waste amounts in the body;
  • killing parasites.

The effects contribute to improving health as well as weight loss. Moreover, doing a cleansing enema at home to lose weight is straightforward and painless.

A cleansing enema or colon hydrotherapy

There are many methods of intestinal cleansing. We advise purchasing a durable, reusable rubber enema with large amounts of liquid for simple cleaning procedures. Rubber protects against rapid cooling, but it isn’t effortless to clean. For those who plan on using enemas for introducing herbal solutions for weight loss, a rubber enema is not suitable for the job, despite their low cost.

Pharmacies offer rubber enema bags that have a capacity of half a litter. However, they are useless for weight loss as it is almost impossible to squeeze the entire solution into the intestine single-handedly. Yet, these enemas can absorb nearly all liquid in the gut and the waste. This enema is perfect for removing faeces from the lower part of the rectum but is not enough for losing weight.


Colon hydrotherapy is currently the most efficient way to cleanse the body. Furthermore, this procedure is safe, as it can gradually wash the whole colon with purified water. Colon cleansing also affects the small intestine, liver and kidneys indirectly.

At the end of the treatment, the colon will independently remove perennial toxins that poison the body and interfere with the digestive process. Simple enema procedures cannot reproduce the same effects as a cleansing enema.