Cleansing the intestines at home

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 26th September 2018

Since ancient times, medicine has paid much attention to the functioning of the intestine. Plato, putting forward his doctrine of the soul, spoke of a particular part of it – the “animal”, which was located in the abdominal cavity and was responsible for feeding the body. And Hippocrates stated that cleansing the intestines is one of the ways to take care of the colon. Various methods of “cleansing” are used now, and the necessity of this procedure has long been scientifically grounded.
One of the methods for restoring a healthy balance of flora in the intestines is the so-called cleansing or detoxification. Usually, it is carried out by the sorption method, i.e. absorption of one substance by another. The sorbent works like a sponge: it extracts, fixes and removes toxins and metabolic products from the body. As a result, you can adjust the metabolism rate, reduce the toxic impact on the body, avoid allergic reactions, stimulate intestinal motility. However, this method is far from the only one.

Methods of colonic cleansing at home

Colonic cleansing at home is possible, and there are several other ways:

  • stimulation of the intestine and kidneys, which helps the natural withdrawal of stool;
  • intestinal dialysis;
  • rinsing with enemas or colonic hydrotherapy equipment; oxidative procedures;
  • the introduction of sodium hypochlorite into the body;
  • the saturation of organs with oxygen using specialised equipment, etc.

It is important to note that any intestinal “cleansing” at home should be done with great care. If improperly performed, peristalsis may be disrupted during the procedure (i.e., a wave-like shrinkage of the intestinal walls, promoting the movement of its contents to the rectum), flushing of healthy flora occurs. All manipulations must be carried out strictly after consultation with the doctor.
However, our body also has natural mechanisms, inherent in nature, to get rid of toxins. This is the excretion of metabolic products through the kidneys, lungs, sweat, etc. All these processes can be stimulated and strengthened, and therefore, to ensure rapid cleansing of the colon by natural methods.
Among the natural methods of detoxification are those that are difficult to implement outside the hospital. But there is also a method that can be done at home which is the cleansing enema. You can take medications that promote detoxification even independently but after consulting a doctor. Cleansing the colon at home helps, but it would be much better to seek professional help and undergo colonic hydrotherapy.