Colon hydrotherapy in Guildford

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 27th January 2019
Colon hydrotherapy in Guildford and Dingwall. Yoga technique for cleansing the intestines

Colon hydrotherapy in Guildford is one of the most controversial bowel therapies. It is a type of enema therapy that utilises specific equipment. Today, this advanced technology is widely available for weight loss.

Of course, our wisely created body can cope with toxins and carcinogens independently. However, the concentration of harmful substances reaches such a level that the body can not eliminate them.

Colon hydrotherapy is suitable to treat constipation and encopresis traditionally. However, there is no scientific confirmation of the need for this procedure. Firstly, it needs to detoxify, which means removing toxins. Secondly, it is to improve the microcirculation of the abdominal organs. Many medical centres offer this service, leaving the choice to the patient.

The procedure of colon hydrotherapy

Water repeatedly fills the large intestine. Consequently, it is fed into the body through one end of a unique disposable plastic speculum. Further, the content of the colon evacuates using the other end of the speculum.

This method thoroughly cleanses the bowel within twenty-five to forty-five minutes. The doctor will need twenty to thirty litres of water or solution. The colon hydrotherapy equipment creates fluid pressure of up to one hundred millibars in the intestines. It’s which can cause some discomfort in the patient.

Prescribed colon hydrotherapy in Guildford

Only a gastroenterologist can prescribe colon hydrotherapy in Guildford. It follows just after a complete examination of the body. You’d better have a consultation with a proctologist, an endocrinologist, a gynaecologist and a neuropathologist.

The patient should not have such conditions as:

  • Crohn’s disease,
  • urolithiasis,
  • renal failure,
  • cirrhosis of the liver,
  • heart disease,
  • uterine myoma,
  • anaemia,
  • autoimmune diseases and pregnancy.

Medical indications for colon hydrotherapy are constipation, intoxication, metabolic disorders and chronic skin diseases. Also, carrying out the procedure before endoscopic examination or surgery is good.

You can lose weight by five or more kilograms in therapy sessions. As ever, this is a small part of the truth. Indeed, body weight reduces, but this is due to the complete cleansing of the bowels. The colon will refill after a while, the pounds will return, and the fat deposits will remain.

Sports improve your body shape, as well as have a beneficial effect on improving your health. Another good option for healing the body is a bath or sauna. Tempering procedures, such as a contrast shower, prevent disease.

Effect of therapy

Colon hydrotherapy in Guildford helps strengthen the immune system and normalise digestion. Besides, you must lead a healthy lifestyle to protect and enhance your immune system.

You can also find information that colon hydrotherapy in Guildford helps to fight inflammatory bowel diseases effectively. It’s a positive effect on the stomach, pancreas and liver. Normalises the intestinal microflora and digestion and even strengthens the immune system.

To sum up, this therapy solves the problem of constipation and relieves toxic and drug intoxication. Our clinic offers this therapy with therapeutic mineral water.