Colon hydrotherapy in Weymouth

Anatoli Silajev Comments 0 1st February 2019
Colon hydrotherapy in Weymouth is a great way to restore health to the intestines

Colon hydrotherapy in Weymouth is an administered therapy that allows you to effectively wash and clean the intestines using a large amount of fluid. Colonic lavage is the alternative way to call this procedure. It allows for cleansing the bowels as well as has a beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys and has a powerful healing force.

The procedure is carried out under the supervision of highly qualified specialists. Colonic hydrotherapy allows normalising the functioning of the digestive system and internal organs. Besides, this procedure mobilises the protective properties of the body, helps to cope with allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome.

An effective program of treatment

You can have colon hydrotherapy in Weymouth in our clinic. We offer sessions of colonic lavage, which are indicated in the complex treatment of the digestive system diseases, allergies and skin diseases. To find out all the details about the treatment systems, you just need to contact our consultants.

Our experts will answer all your questions. Moreover, they help you choose the most effective program of treatment or rehabilitation taking into account the specifics and the characteristics of your conditions.


Colon hydrotherapy in Weymouth in cases of intestinal malfunction

Delayed emptying of the colon or constipation is one of the most common intestinal problems. The rate of stool frequency is an individual concept. If you have it once or twice a day, then it’s fine. If it happens every two days in such a way that the process of bowel movements occurs comfortably and without straining, then you also don’t need to worry.

But, if your bowel movements became really infrequent, you need to find out the reason and start taking action. Colon hydrotherapy in Weymouth is a great way to restore health to the intestines, and therefore the entire body.

Periodically clean your body

The lack of movement reduces the tone of the abdominal muscles, which massage the intestines, stimulating its motility. Thus the colon muscles’ tone decreases.

It is not surprising that people who spend most of the day in an office chair or on the couch suffer from constipation 2-3 times more often than those who move a lot. Try to walk more, if possible, sign up for the pool. Eat properly, and periodically clean your body of harmful substances.