Colonic irrigation in Barnet

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 2nd December 2018

Colonic irrigation in Barnet is an excellent opportunity to restore and maintain optimal functioning of the large intestine. It allows you to effectively treat the so-called dysbiosis, which is a violation of the natural interaction between the body and the intestinal bacterial flora. Frequent consumption of foods that have been intensively processed and have no nutritional value, constant stress, lack of physical activity, inevitably leading to obesity, threaten the balance of intestinal microflora. At the same time, please remember that an ideal performance of the digestive tract is required, which is ensured by the presence of balanced intestinal microflora to assimilate the nutrients necessary for the normal functioning of our body, in addition to the “healthy” foods.

How useful is Colonic irrigation in Barnet for the intestines and the immune system?

It has been proven scientifically that certain types of bacteria, in particular, lactobacilli (lactic bacteria), bifidobacteria, enterococci and bacteroids, have a very beneficial effect on the processes of assimilation of nutrients. Besides, the body’s self-purification occurs with the help of bile, which absorbs toxins, and then is eliminated from the body along with faeces, giving them a characteristic brownish colour. Finally, the intestine is the most vital organ of the immune system. 80% of the cells of the human immune system are located in the large and small intestine, forming the so-called Peyer’s patches. Thus, the gut plays a vital role in protecting the body against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and pathogenic microbes. Intestinal inertia and an imbalance in the intestinal microflora weaken the body’s defences.
Unlike traditional enemas, Colonic irrigation in Barnet allows you to wash almost the entire colon. Filtered water is fed into the rectum through the speculum and then discharged through a special hose along with faecal masses dissolved in it. This process is repeated several times. Water enters the gut under low pressure. A light reflexology massage of the lower abdomen is carried out during the treatment. The water temperature is adjusted according to the wishes of the patient but it remains in the safe range of body temperature. Colonic irrigation in Barnet is not associated with painful sensations and can be pleasant although it is crampy sometimes.