Colonic irrigation in Hammersmith and Fulham

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 25th December 2018
Colonic irrigation in Hammersmith and Fulham

Let’s be honest! We start caring for our health only when our doctor diagnoses some severe illness. Until then, we pretend we do not notice the digestive system’s lethargy, fatigue, headaches and failures. However, colonic irrigation in Hammersmith and Fulham remains the most preferred because certified therapists supervise the procedure.

Just in case, we drink a course of vitamins, hoping the bags under the eyes disappear. We believe the skin will shine with health and pass the feeling of continued lack of sleep. The slags and toxins accumulated in the body interfere with feeling healthy and cheerful. We surely need to get rid of them! And the sooner, the better!

Currently, colonic treatments are available at our Holborn location in the centre of London.

Cleanse the body

You can eliminate harmful toxins and radionuclides without attending a clinic for specific procedures. We know about several ways to detox the body at home.

Carefully watch what you drink and eat. After waking up, having a glass of clean drinking water is the first thing you do; you will speed up your metabolism. As a result, the disposal of pathogenic organisms would accelerate.
More vegetables and fruits should be in your diet. Many contain fibre, which effectively cleanses the intestines and improves digestion.

The so-called “natural sorbents” include cabbage, potatoes, plums, eggplants, nuts, peas, sorrel, etc. Consumption of onions and garlic will help cleanse the liver. Strawberries, cherries and watermelons are high against toxins. Many experts have proven their antioxidant effect.

A course of colonic irrigation in Hammersmith, Fulham

Increased stress on the urinary system will accelerate the process of detox purification. Kidneys can become clogged over the years because they work as a filter. Drinking herbal tea with a diuretic effect helps to cleanse and normalise the work of the kidneys. Besides, it prevents the formation of stones and speeds up the elimination of toxins. Do not use diuretics if you have renal impairment. Be sure to consult a specialist before this type of body detox.

Complete cleaning

Colonic irrigation in Hammersmith and Fulham is a method of monitored colon cleansing. That allows for complete cleaning and decompression of the intestine. It also eliminates toxic faecal blockages. Moreover, it reduces pathological changes in the lining of the intestinal walls during a short course of therapies.

Contact the specialists of our clinic for colonic irrigation in Hammersmith, Fulham and get a healthier body.