Colonic irrigation in Hounslow

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th December 2018
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Colonic irrigation in Hounslow has been a reasonably popular treatment in recent years. Of course, it has drawbacks and advantages, but its ability to cleanse the body is high enough to still decide on such a challenging but effective treatment.

Colonic irrigation in Hounslow is an authentic way of colon re-sculpting and cleansing the body through the intestines. This therapy provides washing of the large intestine, contributing to the self-cleaning of the small intestine, kidneys and liver.


Such treatment may have different characteristics in different establishments carrying similar treatment out. But the procedure for colonic hydrotherapy is the same.

The patient may lie on his side or back. Further, specialised equipment introduces purified water in small portions into the colon. Practitioners use a specially developed system of disposable hoses. So the waste diluted in water is tightly brought to the sewage system. Meanwhile, you don’t have to go to the toilet.

What are the features of colonic irrigation in Hounslow?

One session of this therapy is equivalent to 30 enemas. So this treatment can clean the colon. Moreover, it improves the functioning of the entire human intestinal system. Therefore there is no point in comparing colonic hydrotherapy and self-administered enemas. For instance, controlled and adjusted water pressure in the bowels alternates with simultaneous washing.

In addition to the intestines, the kidneys, the liver and gallbladder perform an eliminating function.

A course of colonic hydrotherapy

Each new session of colonic irrigation in Hounslow uses different techniques. The water softened and washed away sediments from the intestinal walls gradually. So, it rinses not only the rectum in the first stage. In the next step, the water penetrates deeper and actively cleans the lower parts of the large intestine. Each step of the treatment cleans the deeper parts of the colon.

An average session of such treatment lasts 30 to 45 minutes. The course of therapy includes 3 to 10 sessions. After completing the course of colonic hydrotherapy, the intestines are completely free of deposits that interfere with proper digestion. Water does not penetrate the small intestine during this treatment. A mild impact on the colon walls with water of different temperatures causes reflex cleansing of the small intestine.