Colonic Irrigation in Oxford

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 24th November 2018
Colonic irrigation in Oxford

The digestive tract’s performance significantly affects human health. Toxins, harmful microbes, and other substances may accumulate in the body. As a result, the person starts to feel worse and gets sick more often. Besides, his sleep may deteriorate, and acne will appear on the skin. That is why it is essential to pay attention to your diet, give up bad habits, and minimise stress and lack of sleep. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible in the modern world.

Colonic irrigation in Oxford helps restore the intestines’ functioning and regain good health and wellness.


Clinic specialists present colon hydrotherapy, a bowel washing with a large volume of water. It allows you to remove harmful substances from the body in five to seven sessions. Patients feel the effect even after one procedure.

Currently, colonic treatments are available only at our London location.

Many patients fear that the treatment will be painful. But we use a specialised device that allows you to select the necessary pressure. It also permits controlling the volume of incoming fluid to comfort patients throughout the session. The fluid supply stops as soon as the solution injected by the doctor with the help of rectal kits takes up almost the entire intestine.

After that, the liquid, along with faecal masses, residues of not fully digested food, toxins, bile acids, mucus and microbes, will also be removed from the body with the help of colonic equipment. The practitioner gives the patient an abdomen massage for better well-being during colon hydrotherapy.

What is the effect of Colonic irrigation in Oxford?

The session lasts about forty minutes, so the filling and emptying of the colon occur many times over this period. Introducing an exclusive natural herbal medicine enhances the effect and fills the intestines with beneficial substances after cleansing.


Oxford colonic irrigation is available in the clinic with the help of the following:

  • Therapeutic and mineral waters that help to cope with obesity and urolithiasis have anti-inflammatory, choleretic and diuretic action, normalise motility, secretory and hormonal activity;
  • The coffee solution helps restore the intestinal microflora and cope with oncological diseases;
  • placental drugs which restore the intestinal epithelium, have an antioxidant effect and strengthen the immune system.
  • Indications for colonic hydrotherapy:
  • Violations of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, constipation, diarrhoea, toxicosis, flatulence, etc.
  • Alcohol, opiate poisoning, drug intoxication, etc.
  • Sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue syndrome, distraction, frequent stress, etc.
  • The weakened immune system, including common acute respiratory infections and SARS.
  • Gynaecological and urological diseases.
  • Skin diseases and aesthetic deficiencies, such as acne or dermatitis.
  • Overweight.
  • Radiculitis.
  • Other diseases include hepatitis, respiratory disorders, bad breath, etc.

Practitioners do not carry out colonic irrigation in Oxford in the acute stage of haemorrhoids, intestinal bleeding, oncological diseases of the intestine and rectum, or other conditions. The doctor revealed contraindications at the consultation.