Diet 5:2

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 7th August 2018
Diet 5:2 - michael mosley food system

Today we will talk about a new fashionable healthy diet, called just “Diet 5:2”. It is incredibly useful and does not involve the rejection of any food. The results are impressive.

British journalist Michael Mosley invented this food system. He specialises in TV programs about human health. He released his film Eat, Fast & Live Longer in 2012. That video is about Michael, as well as other doctors and scientific researchers, who carefully studied the question of how we live longer.

Documentation film

Throughout the movie, he finds out that it is essential to fast sometimes to live longer. When we eat fewer calories, it triggers self-healing processes in our body. Plus, this mode helps us to lose weight to the state of nature, without unnecessary exhaustion.

Throughout the film, we see the whole way of creating this diet, to which Michael goes, in the end, himself with fantastic results for both weight and health (of course, the film documented all these results with the help of doctors and analyses).

Research and tasks of the “Diet 5:2.”

Studies on caloric restriction were so impressive to Michael that he decided to create his food system. He has done it not so much for weight loss, as for health reasons. This diet has benefits for people who love to eat and do not want to limit themselves, like Michael. Shortly after the release of the film, Michael Mosley published the book “Fast Diet 5:2” in a variety of languages.

The principle of “5:2 diet” is as follows. Five days a week you eat as usual, and then you limit the caloric content of your diet to 500 kcal if you are a woman, and up to 600 kcal, if you are a man, for two days. This diet is attractive to many people because it is not necessary to refuse any food ingredients.



An essential rule of the system: do not divide the allowed volume of food by more than two meals a day. It is undesirable to eat five times a day for 100 kcal. It is best to eat 1 or 2 times a day and make a big break between meals. After all, the essence of the system is to give the body a breather in digesting food. Ideal: a small breakfast and a small dinner. Or just one of the meals: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Important: during the fasting day, you need to drink plenty of water and herbal tea (without caffeine) which would prevent dehydration and facilitate the elimination of toxins.

This diet implies that there must be at least 12 consecutive hours without food at all for one day. The “Diet 5:2” will help get rid of extra pounds and maintain the body healthy.