Do not lose weight on the Keto diet

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 29th June 2018
Do not lose weight on Keto diet. Reflection of proper nutrition and Eating healthy on life expectancy of human body

Do not lose weight on a keto diet. The Ketogenic (KETO) diet is well known as a low-carbohydrate diet during which the body uses ketones as fuel. The liver produces ketones from fat. This diet is often called ketone, low-carbohydrate, and so on.

A healthy lifestyle would be an excellent replacement for the KETO diet. So, do not lose weight on the KETO diet; cleanse the body with colonic irrigation, and adhere to proper nutrition and exercise.


When you eat something high in carbohydrates, your body produces glucose and insulin.

Glucose is a molecule that the body can most easily convert and use as an energy source, so it will always be preferable to other energy sources.

The pancreas produces insulin to spread glucose through the body through the bloodstream.

Given that glucose is the body’s preferred fuel source, a typical diet high in carbohydrates causes the body to use glucose as its primary energy source. Thus, the body goes into a state called “Ketosis” with a lowered intake of carbohydrates.

Do not lose weight on the KETO diet – cleanse the body

Ketosis is a natural process that sets the body to survive if food intake decreases.

During this condition, the body produces ketones in the liver from free fatty acids from fat deposits. Do not lose weight on the Keto diet. It is better to lead a healthy lifestyle and regularly cleanse the body with colonic irrigation.

Ketones are an alternative source of fuel for the body. The ultimate goal of a properly maintained ketogenic (KETO) diet is to get your body to enter this metabolic state. We do this not at the expense of reducing the caloric content of the menu but by reducing the intake of carbohydrates.


Following the KETO diet has significant advantages, ranging from weight loss and increased energy levels to therapeutic and medical applications. Almost everyone can safely benefit from low-carb nutrition with high-fat content.

Remember that keto is a high-fat diet with moderate protein and insignificant carbohydrate content. Your ketogenic diet’s nutrient ratio (PFC) should be about 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbohydrate. Do not lose weight on the Keto diet if you don’t want it. You can follow specific rules and keep your body in a healthy state.