Effective intestinal cleaning

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 14th September 2018

If you suffer constant headaches, insomnia, chronic fatigue, weight gain, constipation, nausea, skin rashes and other health problems, it is possible that the cause of all these troubles is problems with the intestines.
Specific protection against pathogenic microorganisms is provided by lactobacilli, which live in the colon, supporting the necessary balance of microflora in it. However, they alone cannot resist all the adverse effects to which the colon is exposed. And there are many of them. Clogging of the intestine develops because of:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • stress;
  • a bad ecological situation;
  • improper diet;
  • consumption of fast food;
  • eat in a hurry and dry.

These factors can cause problems with the intestines as well as other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such as enteritis, colitis, gastritis. Effective intestinal cleansing is provided by colonic irrigation.

The need for effective intestinal cleansing

How do you know that your intestines need cleansing? There are several signs on which it is possible to judge the degree of contamination of the body:

  • Deterioration of well-being;
  • Falling efficiency;
  • Frequent catarrhal diseases due to the worsened immune system;
  • Persistent bloating, flatulence, diarrhoea alternating with constipation;
  • Rashes on the face;
  • The skin loses its natural colour, acquiring a grey tinge;
  • Excess weight;
  • Dense plaque on the tongue;
  • Unpleasant odour from the body even with careful hygiene.
  • In order not to harm the body, you should consult a doctor, and then start to detox. Effective cleansing of the intestine will restore its health. Contraindications to this procedure are as follows:
  • Tumours in the pelvic organs;
  • Exacerbation of haemorrhoids;
  • Exacerbation of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease and others;
  • With great caution in the case of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease.

Disposal of toxins gives significant relief to the internal organs responsible for the processing and removal of harmful substances:

  • Thanks to colonic irrigation, the work of the intestine and the protective functions of the immune system are restored. This cause-and-effect relationship is explained by the fact that about 80% of all cells responsible for the immune system are in the intestinal mucosa.
  • Normalization of metabolic processes can help get rid of excess weight, and this is excellent news for those who want to lose weight.
  • Thanks to colonic irrigation, the sensitivity of the skin to the aggressive influence of the external environment are reduced, its natural protective barrier is restored, which means that annoying pimples disappear.

Effective colonic cleansing is performed by specialists of our clinic in London.