Exercises for cleaning the intestines

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 12th October 2018

Health begins with a clean bowel which is not an exaggeration! First of all, the intestinal condition is reflected on the skin, so after its cleansing, many skin problems disappear or decrease, the complexion improves, the skin becomes cleaner, smoother and more radiant. The state of health advances, vivacity, ease appears. The absorption of useful substances from food improves, as a result of which the appetite decreases, and the body weight begins to drop. As typical, such seemingly non-intestinal problems as migraines, shortness of breath, some heart diseases usually go away or shrink.
Any detox program begins with bowel cleansing. The state of health and appearance are noticeably improved after such a “general cleaning”. Exercises for cleaning the intestines will help in the improvement of the body as a whole.
Improper position during bowel movements complicates daily bowel cleansing, leading to constipation and incomplete elimination. All that needs to be done is to put a squatty potty in front of the toilet, which will serve as a footrest.
Without the squatty potty, the rectum is tightened with the pubic-rectal muscle, which makes it difficult to empty the bowel. Often, after going to the toilet, a portion of the faeces remains inside.
The second position imitates the natural squatting position, as intended by nature. Sit on the toilet with your feet on the squatty potty and slightly tilting the body forward. In this position, nothing prevents intestinal elimination, all waste is removed quickly and thoroughly.

Exercises for cleaning the intestines and colon hydrotherapy

Most people are accustomed to the first position. Meanwhile, in many cases, changing this habit alone can help those who have suffered from constipation for years. It may take some time for you to get used to the new position. But the result is worth it.
Another common cause of constipation and other problems with digestion and metabolism is insufficient physical activity. Exercise can compensate for many nutritional errors, but it’s impossible to replace physical movement with any diet. Exercises for cleaning the intestines will protect the body from the accumulated in it waste.
If your lifestyle is sedentary, then do not expect more severe symptoms than constipation, get up from your chair and go to the gym or to the park, to walk or just leave the table and do some squats. You can even do a few exercises without getting up from the chair. Exercises for cleaning the intestines will be a great addition to the procedure of colonic hydrotherapy.