How to lose weight?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 27th July 2018
How to lose weight?

Scientists have finally figured out how to lose weight without much effort.

First, start training when you are tired. Great news: now, to lose weight, do not exhaust yourself on every approach to weightlifting. Exhaust yourself already in the first approach. Scientists from the University of McMaster (Canada) found that during training, you lose weight better when the muscles are already tired, and the body has to use reserves, burning fat.

Our method is to choose four different exercises with weights and make three approaches, reducing the number of repetitions from 15 to 12 and 8. Use loads to do the fifteenth repetition in the first approach with the last effort on trembling hands. Also, rest sixty seconds between exercises. Besides, remember during such training, the participants in the experiment lost 3-5 kg in 30 days. To clarify, they exercised only three times a week.


Secondly, give up traditions. Of course, you can lose weight on the popular diets of Atkins and Dukan. You know, you have to avoid carbohydrates and prefer protein foods. But there is bad news, too: the protein diet increases the risk of hormonal disorders and subsequent cardiovascular diseases.

You do not want to have a heart attack? Then here’s another study for you. Two groups of volunteers were fed the same number of calories for four weeks. Still, the first group sat on a low-fat diet (with fats, they received only 20% of energy), and the other group ate low glycemic index (GI) food in excess, which allows you to stay full and does not lead to sharp jumps in blood sugar levels.

How to lose weight? Remember, only because the body digests the low-glycemic food smoothly and even with some effort, the second group burned 150 kcal a day more than the “fat-free” group, which equals losing 8.3 kg of weight in a year. Have breakfast today with beans and toasted whole wheat bread. It will give you the energy to find a list of other products with low GI for lunch and dinner on the Internet.

Motivation: how to lose weight

Third, use social networks. I’ve heard about “loop feedback” – this win-win technology psychologists use to increase motivation. In our case, social networks should use it, too. The research results show regular posting on Facebook reports on how you lose weight can improve your dynamics by as much as 20%.

Basic rules

The feeling of additional responsibility to the world’s most extensive social network audience will stop you the next time you sneak up to the fridge for the cake at night. And it will be even better if someone decides to follow your example. According to research, the instigators of creating a “team of losing weight” lose weight even more effectively due to the “sense of shared responsibility.”

Now you know the basic rules for losing weight. Colonic irrigation will get rid of all the accumulated harmful substances.