How to reduce cholesterol without drugs quickly and lose weight?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 12th September 2018
How many steps do you need to lose weight? Anti-obesity program and colonic hydrotherapy. How to reduce cholesterol without drugs quickly and lose weight?

The liver synthesises cholesterol, an organic compound and lipids that enter the body with food. We need cholesterol as one of the types of natural fatty alcohol to ensure our healthy lives. Excess cholesterol in the blood is the primary link in the process; because of this, atherosclerotic or cholesteric deposits and plaques form in the blood vessels. Our advice will tell you how to reduce cholesterol without drugs quickly and lose weight. Circulating in blood in excess cholesterol has the property of sticking together and accumulating in the arteries.

Clumps or plaques obstruct blood movement, creating obstacles to blood flow and narrowing the vessels. Which causes oxygen starvation and insufficient blood supply to tissues and organs. Upon disintegration, parts of the plaque contribute to the formation of a thrombus, which provokes thromboembolism, heart attacks and strokes and can lead to death.

Cholesterol contained

However, an excess of cholesterol and a lack of cholesterol are dangerous. This compound, for example, is one of the crucial advantages of breastfeeding: cholesterol is vital for the development of the brain of infants and affects the production of essential hormones, bone-muscle, immune, reproductive systems, and substitute compounds. Its content is significantly inferior to the mother’s milk.

The cholesterol in the blood is a compound of lipids and protein, a lipoprotein. Depending on the type of mixture in the total cholesterol, determined by blood analysis, high-molecular lipoproteins (“good” cholesterol) and low molecular weight (“bad”) are isolated.

The rules are how to reduce cholesterol without drugs quickly and lose weight.

Physical activity for balancing cholesterol. This factor affects all people with a high cholesterol level in the blood. But in particular, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle combine sedentary work with low activity on rest. Hypodynamia is also one of the main reasons for the formation of excess body weight. Which also increases the cholesterol level. So, you need to reduce cholesterol without drugs quickly and lose weight.

There is a pronounced correlation between excess body weight and high cholesterol in the blood. Weight normalisation helps to lower cholesterol. Achieving a healthy body mass index corresponding to the sex-age characteristics and growth parameters may not be feasible. Then, diet, physical activity, and consultation with a specialist are necessary.


Tobacco smoking is not just a bad habit. The constant intake of nicotine, tobacco smoke and carcinogens in the body adversely affects the entire body, including increasing the risk of atherosclerosis. Slowing of the metabolism leads to the accumulation of cholesterol and a decrease in the rate of its withdrawal from the circulatory system.

We refer to proper nutrition as the primary non-drug way of lowering cholesterol. However, before asking what products reduce cholesterol in the blood. Determining what kinds of food and drinks contribute to its increase is necessary. It is impossible to achieve a positive effect of eating “cholesterol-burning” foods in combination with unhealthy food.

These simple actions will reduce cholesterol without drugs quickly and help you lose weight. Colonic irrigation will help to withdraw accumulated toxins from the body.

Cholesterol refers to organic compounds lipids that enter the body with food and are synthesised in the liver. One of the types of natural fatty alcohol cholesterol is needed to ensure a person’s healthy life.