Is losing weight in a month safe?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 23rd August 2018

Unfortunately, the problem of excess weight is one of the most serious today. A large number of programs, methods and remedies to combat excess weight are already available. However, many of those are harmful to health, especially short-term ones. So how to losing weight in a month safely?

Losing weight following extreme diets and fasting, many have achieved excellent results indeed. But a significant disadvantage of such methods is hidden in their short-term effect. Quickly dropped weight is put back on even with an excess usually.

If a person wants to forget about this problem permanently rather than gaining and losing weight regularly, then it is worth choosing the safest and long-term methods accordingly. It is safe to losing weight in a month as follows.

Weight loss

When losing excess weight at a rate of one kilogram per week, then the process of losing weight is safe. Weight loss should never be impetuous. To become slimmer, many restrict their diet rigidly, but this is exceptionally unhelpful since it can disrupt metabolic processes or the body will perceive this as a nutritional deficiency and will start accumulating energy at any convenient moment.

Slow pace should not be depressing, because the result will be sustainable and the method is reliable. It will not be harmful, but health will improve for sure. Besides, it is recommended that people with a vast excess weight follow such a system. They can lose weight effectively and gently.

Sometimes, of course, there is a need for rapid weight loss as before an important event, for example. It is better to use express diets, which are many, in such cases. But such a diet should be strictly limited in time and should not often be repeated.

What is the psychological aspect of losing weight in a month?

The second important point apart the duration is the right emotional attitude. If a person is determined to lose excess weight, nothing and no one should distract him. Especially do not give in to the temptation to eat something yummy and high-calorie as usual.

It should be noted that the slow methods are not as stringent as the fast ones, so the diet is not so limited. Moreover tasty, but low-calorie dishes are present in it in sufficient volume.


It is necessary to choose a favourable time, to be positively tuned and not to deviate from the planned. This applies even to those who are overweight, and able lose weight in eight months. It is unreal to losing weight in a month safely.

Preventing weight gain and maintaining health is also unrealistic.
Around twenty kilograms of weight is lost during this time. Whoever does this should always consult a doctor. This applies to the elderly, and those who have any health problems.