Is weight loss a cause for concern?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 16th July 2018

vesi.jpgMany people are trying to get rid of extra pounds, and even more of them would like to lose weight without exercise and diets. However, if you suddenly find out that your favourite jeans began to fall off you, and the scales show the figure you could only dream about, think about it. The reasons for a sharp weight loss are many, and it is worth remembering that not all of them are terrible but only in some cases when extreme weight loss can indicate serious health problems.
First of all, we determine what is considered a rapid weight loss. If you lost about 5% of your weight in six months, without resorting to diets or training, then you should consult a doctor at least for advice. If you didn’t weigh a lot initially, then the loss of fewer kilograms might be the cause for concern.
A specialist will ask you a few questions about your health and lifestyle. For example, weight loss can relate:

  • have you had any recent problems with your teeth (prolonged treatment can affect your appetite – many people find it difficult to eat the usual food in the typical amounts);
  • Did you suffer from diarrhoea, nausea, or vomiting;
  • Don’t you feel stress all the time and whether there have been severe upheavals in your life recently;
  • whether you eat as before or the appetite has decreased;
  • whether you smoke and drink alcohol;
  • do you have any more complaints?

It is also worth informing the doctor about whether you are taking any pills, dietary supplements, herbal teas and other similar products. Most likely the doctor will prescribe a general blood test and other studies which may eliminate or confirm his suspicions about the causes of weight loss.

What are the causes of weight loss?

The first thing many people start to think about, discovering that they have lost a lot of weight is oncology. Many patients associate a rapid weight loss with cancer. Doctors, however, are more optimistic and explain that weight loss is not likely to be the only sign indicating the presence of a tumour in the body since other symptoms may also develop in cancer in addition to weight loss.
Besides, an edged weight loss can link with other diseases, including celiac disease, depression, diabetes, metabolic disorders, lung disease, heart or gastrointestinal problems and tuberculosis.
Substantial weight loss without apparent reasons is a serious cause for concern. Even if you feel great, consult a doctor because the earlier he discovered the cause of the sudden weight loss, the sooner the correct treatment would be prescribed and the more effective it would be.