Practical and easy ways to lose weight

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 31st October 2018
Cleansing enema. digestive tract and Bowel cleaning. Practical and easy ways to lose weight

In this article, we will tell you some simple ways to lose weight, which scientists and scientific experiments confirmed.

Eat from blue plates. Psychologists have proven that the blue colour of dishes reduces appetite.

Combine physical and mental exercises. Research participants at the University of Florida have proven the opposite. Some people read or watch a movie while exercising on a stationary bike or a treadmill. It turned out that they increased their speed and burned more calories without even noticing it.

Keep track of time in the process of losing weight. If you want to control the operation of losing weight, plan a main meal in the morning. According to Spanish scientists, those who eat more in the first half of the day lose weight faster. Moreover, the achieved result lasts longer.


Four hundred and twenty people participated in the study for five months. It turned out that volunteers who consumed forty per cent of their daily calories at lunch lost three kilograms more than those who preferred a heavy dinner.

Exercise less.

Two groups of volunteers participated in last year’s study in Denmark. Men and women of the first group physically exercised thirty minutes a day, and participants from the second group did twice as much. The results were surprising: those who worked for only half an hour lost 2.5 kg more in a month!

It turned out that 30 minutes of active training is enough to activate the metabolism and burn calories. After longer workouts, participants either experienced hunger or got too tired and spent the rest of the day on the sofa.

Exciting ways to lose weight

Add some pepper! – We also included this advice in our ways to lose weight. Want to spend more calories and consume less? Be sure to include red pepper in the diet. Capsaicin is an element in the composition of hot pepper, activates the immune system and, at the same time, suppresses hunger.

Download the pedometer application.

A pedometer helps keep weight under control, as confirmed by scientists at Indiana University. It turned out that the application in the smartphone stimulates women to increase physical activity. So, participants in the experiment dropped from 1 to 3 kilograms in 12 weeks, while their usual diet did not change.


Give up chocolate in favour of candy. If you always have something for dessert at home, buy sweets in individual packaging, for example, tiny candy. Doctors from Switzerland conducted a large-scale study last year.

And here’s the result: when we have to unwrap each candy, we eat 30% less than chocolate when we bite off a big bar. The fact is that each additional action gives us time to think, which means pulling ourselves together.

To sum up, here are the most exciting ways to lose weight. In addition, colonic hydrotherapy will help cleanse the body of toxins accumulated.