Yoga technique for cleansing the intestines

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 6th October 2018
Colon hydrotherapy in Guildford. Yoga technique for cleansing the intestines

We want to develop flexibility and endurance, improve mood and well-being, to move to self-knowledge. However, we must not forget that our body is not just an obedient executor of our orders. Our body is a part of ourselves, so we need to take proper care of it. Everyone needs to cleanse the intestines, and the Yoga technique gives it additional meaning.

Yogis believe that most people’s minds are controlled by the body rather than the other way around. Therefore, we wish to learn to manage our bodies efficiently. Subsequently, it will allow us to train and develop our minds without much difficulty.

Life activity

Of course, exercise is vital, but yogis begin to develop the ability to control their bodies by cleansing them. In the Yoga technique, Kriya means purification.

This practice aims to remove harmful, poisonous, or merely unnecessary substances from the body. Moreover, the body is continually trying to get rid of them in the process of life activity.

The kidneys remove elements circulating in the blood, such as uric acid and others. The salivary glands help us get rid of unnecessary substances too.

The yoga technique and colonic irrigation with the help of equipment for health

The body can not get rid of all harmful substances on its own. We help it with this, cleansing the skin, allowing the pores to breathe freely, brushing teeth, etc.

The practice of Kriya aims at improving the body get rid of harmful substances in those parts of the body that we neglect or are difficult to access. As a result, Kriya helps eliminate many diseases in these organs. Therefore, cleansing the intestines is so essential, and yoga emphasises this.


There are six Kriya special exercises in the Yoga technique for cleansing the eyes, oesophagus, stomach, respiratory system, and colon.

Be sure to consult with your doctor before proceeding to the description of practical exercises.

Although these practices are scientifically grounded and very useful, it is undesirable or even dangerous to carry them out in some cases. Your doctor will tell you if you can apply a particular cleansing procedure. Colonic irrigation with the help of therapeutic equipment and yoga has similar results, returning health and beauty to the whole body.