Bowels cleansing with fasting

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 1st October 2018
Bowels cleansing with fasting. Colonic hydrotherapy starts the purification of the whole body

During fasting, the body gets rid of toxins and harmful substances. We can divide wellness fasting into absolute, complete, periodic, or partial. Bowel cleansing with fasting shows good results, but you must do it carefully to avoid harming the digestive tract.


Absolute fasting is the exclusion of food and water.

Absolute fasting usually does not take longer than one day. It would help if you only did that under medical supervision.

Complete fasting is the exclusion of food but the use of water.

We subdivide complete fasting into short (1 to 3 days), medium duration (7 to 10 days) and prolonged – 2 weeks or more. We do not recommend fasting for longer than 40 days.

Periodic, or partial, fasting is the partial exclusion of certain foods from the menu.

Periodic fasting allows you to purify the body of self-poisoning products and cure or prolong its youth. For complete body purification, it is enough to do without food 24 to 36 hours once a week, three days a month, one week in 3 months and two weeks in six months. This fasting is called periodic.

Bowel cleansing with fasting and colonic irrigation

Cleansing the bowel is a mandatory procedure for most beginners to practice fasting. Bowel cleansing with fasting is helpful, but first, you must remove accumulated waste from the body. In most such cases, people use an enema.


Firstly, everyone should be able to use an enema since this is one of the best hygienic procedures. Moreover, that should be taught in the classes on The Basics of Life Safety since its application can significantly alleviate a person’s condition in various diseases and emergencies.

Secondly, you need to use an enema during fasting, especially during the first stages of mastering the method, and better know how to do it in advance.

Thirdly, the preliminary cleansing of the intestine is essential because of the massive pollution of this vital organ. Indeed, the body spends most of its energy cleansing this organ in the early stages of fasting. Later, when you have enough experience in fasting, you can do without cleansing the intestines. But without this, you can not do it at the initial stages.

We can do bowel cleansing with fasting and enema at home, but it is better to consult a doctor beforehand. Colonic irrigation administered by a certified colonic therapist shows excellent efficiency and safety in our clinic since you are under the supervision of a professional.