Colon cleansing with senna or colonic hydrotherapy?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 6th October 2018
Colonic irrigation in Tower Hamlets. Colon cleansing with senna or colonic hydrotherapy? Colon hydrotherapy with herbs and other components

Colon cleansing with senna. An aggressive environment, an unhealthy diet, and bad habits gradually lead to the poisoning of the body. A person feels unwell and cannot correctly regulate weight because of toxins and other harmful substances.

Cleaning the intestine

But, it is not necessary to buy expensive courses of treatments in clinics to solve this problem. So, you can regain youth, energy, strength and health using wellness methods at home.

However, colon cleansing with senna at home may not always produce the desired result. When it comes to the digestive tract, it is better to seek the help of professionals. Сolonic hydrotherapy in our London clinic will show greater effectiveness.

Colon cleansing with senna is not as effective.

Besides, colonic hydrotherapy is a popular method for cleansing the intestines. It is such an excellent remedy for eliminating problems. Practitioners can also add subsidiary substances to water for colonic irrigation:

  • Herbal Extracts
  • Enterosorbents
  • Probiotics
  • If the tests are positive, the doctor may refer the patient to colonic hydrotherapy in such cases as:
  • Preparing for urgent abdominal surgery
  • Chronic colitis
  • Clinical obesity
  • Chronic constipation
  • Severe intoxication.
  • Judging by the review.

Moreover, colonic hydrotherapy can help cope with the above diseases and others. Such rinsing affects various body systems. But, colon cleansing with senna is not a safe and helpful recovery method.

If active sorbents are added to the water when rinsing the intestines, this helps remove endogenous and exogenous toxins from the body. That can also have a rejuvenating effect on the skin, in turn. Removal of old faecal deposits further improves intestinal motility.


Hydromassage also normalises colon motility. Immunocompetent intestinal structures begin to operate better as various food-aggressive bacteria.

And yet, the stimulation of various organs and systems occurs through the impact on the intestines.

After several colonic sessions, the blood supply to the bladder, uterus or prostate improves. Subsequently, it helps prevent the development of many diseases of the urogenital system.

To sum up, choosing between colon cleansing with senna or colonic hydrotherapy is better to prefer the latter.