Colon hydrotherapy in Dartmouth

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 1st February 2019

Colon hydrotherapy in Dartmouth is safe, continuous flushing of the bowels with purified water without the use of chemicals. Colon hydrotherapy is a natural treatment that does not violate the natural intestinal functioning mechanism.


A healthy intestine is the basis of a healthy life. Today’s diet is replete with refined and canned foods and contains reduced amounts of natural fibre. These factors cause a delay of faeces in the intestines, a violation of normal microflora and the development of parasites.

Laxatives cause only a short-term effect and can be addictive. The advantage of colon hydrotherapy is that there is a cleansing of not only the passage but also the intestinal walls. Colon hydrotherapy in Dartmouth perfectly eliminates the symptoms of a bowel disorder.

Colon hydrotherapy in Dartmouth and microflora

A vast number of microorganisms live in the human intestines. Most of their “population” are useful microbes, they are called beneficial microflora. It protects the gut from dangerous and not very dangerous conditionally pathogenic bacteria.

If the composition of the microflora changes, so that the population of beneficial microbes decreases, then the state of health worsens. As a result, skin problems appear.

Restore the natural environment

Doctors call this complex of symptoms dysbacteriosis. Improper diet, specific conditions, stress, and taking antibiotics can be the impetus for the development of dysbiosis. Colon hydrotherapy in Dartmouth helps restore the natural environment in the intestines, eliminate toxins and harmful microorganisms, and thus restore health.

There are two ways to cope with dysbacteriosis: throw healthy microbes into the intestines or create comfortable conditions for the growth of friendly bacteria. Probiotics and prebiotics are used for this. The first is beneficial bacteria similar to those that inhabit our intestines. The latter are dietary fibres that are food for beneficial microorganisms. But it is better to clean the bowels prior to that.