Colonic irrigation in Kensington, Chelsea

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 25th December 2018
Parkland. Antiparasitic therapy with Colonic irrigation in Kensington, Chelsea to rid of helminths

The incidence of helminths has increased significantly in the world lately. They offer a new unique bowel cleansing technique. It involves antiparasitic colon hydrotherapy formula! They use special schemes for colonic irrigation in the clinic in Kensington, Chelsea, along with standard bowel cleansing programs.

They differ from traditional recipes in the number of procedures, the frequency of their implementation. We also use solutions of different composition depending on the diagnosis of the patient. This antiparasitic scheme consists of three main stages where the duration of each phase depends on the severity of the manifestations of the disease and is determined individually.

Stage cleansing

The first stage is the preparation of the human body for antiparasitic treatment. It also includes the examination by a gastroenterologist with an individual selection of directions. Then they prescribe a specific diet to create hostile conditions for the reproduction of parasites.

Further, they suggest antihistamine/antiallergic therapy. You may need to start taking enzymes that improve digestion.

Moreover, they offer taking choleretic drugs along with two to three sessions of colon hydrotherapy. Choleretic solutions are Karlovy Vary salt with extracts of medicinal herbs.

Currently, colonic treatments are available at our Holborn location in the centre of London.

The second and third stages of colonic irrigation therapy in Kensington, Chelsea

During the second phase, the doctor prescribes specific antiparasitic drugs, depending on the intended type of parasite. The antihistamine therapy should also continue.

Then, take enterosorbents and two to three sessions of colonic irrigation in Kensington, Chelsea using intestinal sorbent solution.

Furthermore, oxygen therapy introduces the ozone-oxygen mixture in the rinsed colon. It has substantial antiparasitic and bactericidal property.

The third stage. A corrective diet aims to improve the motility of the intestines, gallbladder, and bile ducts. That helps promote the removal of toxic products from the body.

The use of various dietary supplements, medicinal mixtures based on antiparasitic herbs is essential.

We recommend having two sessions of colonic irrigation in Kensington, Chelsea using medicinal extracts of antiparasitic herbs. And, choleretic mineral solutions will make the achieved results lasting long.

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Consult a doctor

The implantation of eubiotics in the cleaned intestine in the form of microclysters is an irreplaceable remedy. It is ideal for restoring intestinal microflora. These measures treat dysbacteriosis by taking eubiotics and enzyme preparations. Your doctor may prescribe those after each colon hydrotherapy session.

Insufflation of the ozone-oxygen gas mixture into the intestine is a beneficial remedy. It stimulates the growth of healthy microflora. It also helps to recover from the deficiency of minerals and vitamins.

You may need a consultation with an immunologist to determine the degree of impairment of the immune system. Then, book an appointment for the necessary therapy according to indications.

You may have or suspect helminthiasis, giardiasis, or another parasitic infection. In that case, consult a doctor about treatment with an antiparasitic program.