Elimination of excess weight

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th November 2018
Elimination of excess weight

Of course, one of the main problems that has interested every woman since a particular period is eliminating excess weight. This problem has many solutions. However, the most effective principle of this set is to prevent excess weight and find and eradicate the cause of unwanted body weight.

First, you need to find out whether you have extra pounds. To date, the ideal value has been derived for almost everyone. This value is called the Body Mass Index (English name Body Mass Index – BMI). This index allows a person to find out, depending on his height, what his body weight is. Is it insufficient, normal or excessive?


The body mass index is calculated using the following formula:

I = M / H * H

Instead of M, you need to substitute your weight in kilograms instead of H – your height in meters.

For example, your weight is 80 kg, and your height is 1m 85 cm. The index is 80kg / 1.85 * 1.85 = 23.3 – which is an indicator of the optimal ratio of height/weight. Indeed, you will also be interested in all sorts of index values:

  • 16 and less – a person has a significant mass deficiency;
  • 16-18,5 – a relatively small deficit of body weight;
  • 18.5-25 – You have an optimal ratio of height and weight;
  • 25-30 – overweight;
  • 30-35 – first-degree obesity;
  • 35-40 – obesity of the second degree;
  • Forty or more – third-degree obesity.

By the way, note that this index was developed in 1869 by the Belgian sociologist and statistician Adolph Quetelet and is still the primary and most popular method for determining the presence or absence of excess weight. Eliminating excess weight is a pretty complicated process.

Calorie control and colonic hydrotherapy to eliminate excess weight

Control over the calories that enter your body and the energy consumed will remain the most important in each case. Our body is very “brilliant” and knows which substances it needs now (it is unlikely to want to get them from hot dogs or sweet soda).

In conclusion, I want to give advice: learn to eat consciously. Practically, it may look like this: if suddenly you desire to eat something, do not rush, but listen to yourself. Do you feel hungry, or is there another reason that prompted you to sit at the table?

Lead an active lifestyle as much as possible, and you will be able to permanently eliminate all causes of excess weight. Eliminating excess weight can also include colonic hydrotherapy, which helps remove toxins from the body.