How to get rid of excess weight at home?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 5th November 2018
How to get rid of excess weight at home?

It is important to note that when we consume excessive amounts of calories, they accumulate in the form of fat inevitably. As a result, we must look for ways to get rid of excess weight at home.

The reasons for the appearance of extra centimetres:

  • binge eating;
  • eating high-cholesterol foods (fast food)
  • sedentary lifestyle (frequent long-term work at the computer, everyday driving, etc.);
  • Stress.

If your life abounds with these, then it will not fail to appear as extra centimetres around the waist.

Formation of abdominal fat

The thing is that during stress, our body starts producing cortisol, a particular hormone. This hormone contributes to the accumulation of fat in our bodies. What is the solution? Stop worrying over trifles! Whenever you have a reason to be concerned, think about your waist.

Also, indigestion can trigger the formation of abdominal fat. If there is no regular bowel movement, faecal matter inevitably accumulates. As a result, the level of toxins increases, which penetrate the body through the intestinal walls. Thus, the body begins to build up fatty tissue around the intestines to protect the body from toxins. So, the formation of fat around the waist can signal severe digestive problems.

Ways to get rid of excess weight at home

How to get rid of excess weight at home? With great desire, you can do it efficiently and quickly.

Colon cleansing is the first step to a flat tummy. There are many ways to cleanse the colon, such as an ordinary enema, but the most effective is colonic hydrotherapy.

Bran is helpful in that it is difficult not to admire them. With the help of bran, you can cleanse the intestines and lose weight almost without doing anything else, without a bath, sports or diet.

The primary value in bran is a dietary fibre that is non-digestible, insoluble, complex and coarse carbohydrate.

Normal intestinal microflora

The dietary fibre in bran is a nutrient medium for healthy intestinal microflora. Therefore, we use bran in the complex treatment of intestinal dysbacteriosis. Besides, intestinal bacteria consume fibre and secrete essential vitamins of group B.

Exercise is the second step to the answer to how to get rid of excess weight at home.

Cleaning the intestine guarantees a loss in weight and volume. However, bringing the muscles into the proper tone is still necessary. Especially with weight loss, stretch marks can form on the skin of the abdomen, the subsequent struggle with which will not be pleasant. So, gymnastics, aimed at reducing belly size, is the second component of the developed strategy.