How to lose weight forever?

Anatori Sealife Comments 0 25th July 2018

lose weight forever by changing food and fastingIt often happens that a plump lady grows up from a thin child and a bony teenager. Looking at herself in the mirror, she remembers herself slim, and it was hard to force her to eat in her childhood. Why did all this change? And How to lose weight forever?
It’s simple: after twenty years, human metabolism slows down, the situation is changing. And now yesterday’s slender girl ties to select a diet from all conceivable and unthinkable and wants to get an answer to the central question, as it seems to her, whether it is possible to lose weight so that once and for all? Yes, she can. But this is a very long and challenging process. The key to success is in proper planning.
The first tip is how to lose weight forever: stick to one diet.
The worst way to lose weight is to combine several diets into one. “The boxed “diet” helped my girlfriend, the other ate once a day, and the third gave up fruits. I’ll try all together. It will help! “
Unfortunately, the result will be the opposite.
It is best to study in advance all the existing options. The diet should harmoniously fit into your lifestyle, and not require unrealistic sacrifice from you. As soon as you select, buy yourself an intelligent book on the subject or consult an expert.
Second: Hands off the “urgent” diets!
Short-term diets are useless. Not everyone will agree with this, and yet… It is foolish to think that by restricting yourself in eating for a couple of weeks, you will lose weight definitively and irrevocably.
An adequately chosen diet can trigger the process of losing weight, but you still have to change your diet forever if you want to preserve the result.
Otherwise, you will return to the former, if not to a higher weight.

How to lose weight forever by changing food and fasting?

Third: Be careful with the monotonous diet.
If your diet consists of the same type of products for a long time, you, of course, will lose weight (if it’s not sweets or bakery products, of course). But your body will suffer from a lack of nutrients.
Besides, over time, your body will adjust to this monotony and put back on the extra pounds. The diet ends sooner or later, and a healthy and balanced diet begins.
Fourth: Watch the time and control the fast.
Yes, smart magazines write that you have to eat every two hours. It varies from person to person. Someone needs to eat more often, and others can limit two or three meals a day. It is particularly applicable for those whose lifestyle is not very active physically, and there is a contraindication usually. The body does not have time to burn calories, and the weight will grow at the speed of light.
Think about what time of the day you eat. Most of us skip breakfast often, but they eat a double at dinner. And healthy eating regime should be precisely the opposite.
Try not to eat after seven, well, in extreme cases, after nine, then drink. If you feel hungry, eat light vegetable soup or make yourself a chamomile tea with a spoonful of honey.
Our advice on how to lose weight forever will help get rid of extra pounds. And colonic irrigation will remove all accumulated toxins from the body.